We specialize in the following areas of law :

Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident

At the Law Offices of Jason Khattar, our attorneys provide dependable and committed representation in auto accident cases of all kinds.

Adult Disability Claims

Adult Disability Claims

If you need advice about your legal options for SSI benefits, SSDI payments or even personal injury damages, contact an expert lawyer.

SSI Claim

Supplemental Security Income Claim

At the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio, our lawyers advise clients about their right to benefits.

Slip and Fall Private Property

Slip and Fall-Private Property

In the minds of many, slip and fall injury cases represent the classic negligence lawsuit, and even.

Construction Accidents

The very nature of construction work promotes the likelihood that a work injury victim might have the right to sue for personal injury.

Uninsured / Underinsured Claims

If you have more than the most basic form of insurance coverage, it’s more than likely you’re covered.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Although the recent trend toward severe criminal penalties for DWI has slowed the increase.

18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

While it can be hard enough to obtain a car accident settlement from an insurance company.

Child Disability Claims

Children are precious. They are our future. They are a representation of our hopes and dreams. More than anything.

Disability Claims Over 50

As we age, life becomes more difficult. Previous jobs are no longer as easy. Our bodies deteriorate.

Types of Impairment for SSDI and SSI

While it can be hard enough to obtain a car accident settlement from an insurance company.

Slip and Fall-Public Property

At the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio, we advise and represent people who have.

Severe & Disabling Injury

Serious accident survivors, no matter how badly injured, often feel fortunate not to have been killed in a severe truck accident.

Dog Bite Injuries

Under Texas state law, a dog owner is liable for injuries that result from an attack or bite by his or her dog. In general, if a dog has

Attorney- Client Relationship

Much of the problems that clients and attorneys have stem from problems with communication. If you have any concern with how your attorney

Drugs & Alcohol Disability Claims

Hardly a week goes by that we do not hear this when we tell a person that we cannot represent him or her because there is no way we can win.

Workplace Accidents

About a century ago, when factories and other workplaces were far more dangerous than they are today, state legislatures across the United States

Sexual Harassment & Sex Discrimination

Are you a non-attorney working in a legal office? If so have you been paid set salary and been worked for more than 40 hours a week?

Wrongful Death

Manufacturers, employers, doctors, property owners, and motor vehicle drivers can be held financially liable for fatal accidents caused by them through.