There are multiple categories of personal injury claims for which a victim may seek compensation for every loss and damage they suffered. A personal injury claim may arise because of another party’s negligence toward you which leads to an accident, an intentionally inflicted injury, or an inherently dangerous situation — such as conditions at a construction site or chemical plant — that result in an injury. 

The latter circumstance is called strict liability, which arises for situations in which injury may be unavoidable. If you suffer an injury for which another party has strict liability, you may have a case even if the other party had no intent to hurt you and acted reasonably in the situation. 

The experienced personal injury lawyer San Marcos TX trusts can help you determine whether your injury lends itself to a viable personal injury claim. At Khattar Law, P.C., we have assisted personal injury victims in their claims for monetary compensation since 1991. We represent clients in all types of personal injury claims, including automobile accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and dog bite incidents.

Challenges in Pursuing Injury Claims

San Marcos Personal Injury LawyerPersonal injury claims can be difficult to settle, especially if the opposing party has any proof indicating that you may be at least partially at fault for the damages you suffered. Without experienced and professional representation, you decrease your likelihood of ever hold the at-fault party liable and collecting the compensation you deserve. 

Claims in which the injured party does not seek legal representation could take many years to settle, if they ever settle at all. And during that time, the victim may die or become financially insolvent because of their expenses that resulted from the accident. A top injury lawyer relies on can help you prove each essential element in your case and negotiate efficiently with opposing parties or their insurance companies.

Negligence: The Most Common Cause of Personal Injuries

A person is negligent when they fail to act with reasonable care toward others. If a driver exceeds a road’s speed limit, that driver may be negligent. If a doctor does not perform proper medical testing or misinterprets test results, that doctor may be negligent. The same negligence may occur if a dog owner allows a violent dog to roam without a leash. 

But proving negligence can be complicated. To handle the complexities of proving fault, a law firm that has experience with cases dealing with injuries like yours can be a valuable resource. To prove negligence, your attorney will work to prove the elements in the case that show a chain of causation. This means that you must show that the at-fault party had a duty of care to avoid harming others, and that their breach of duty led to an accident that resulted in your injuries.

Damages are a form of monetary compensation for your losses. You can get money for many reasons, including medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. An experienced injury law firm can provide legal help in these cases to assess what damages may apply. Once they determine the extent to which you have suffered, they can help you get fair compensation for your loss.

Talk to the San Marcos Personal Injury Attorneys

At Khattar Law, PC, we have the experience and knowledge that helps our clients win. We are dedicated to pursuing full and fair compensation for accident victims and their families. In addition, we also identify circumstances under which you may qualify for punitive damages, which are designed to punish the at-fault party. 

If you are looking for the personal injury lawyer San Marcos TX relies on, Khattar Law is here for you. We provide you with the most skilled attorneys who have both the experience and perseverance to help you recover from your injuries and misfortune. With our lawyers by your side, you will not have to fight on your own through one of the most difficult situations in your life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Personal Injury Claims

Q. What steps should I take after I suffer an injury in an accident in San Marcos?

A. Immediately after the accident, seek medical help as soon as possible, even if you may not have any visible injuries. The most serious injuries may not be apparent until days or weeks after the accident. Next, contact local police to file a police report, and document any evidence you can about the accident, especially if it shows another party’s fault. Finally, contact a lawyer with experience handling personal injury claims. The reputed injury lawyer can guide you through the necessary legal procedures and negotiations.

Q. How do I know whether I have a viable personal injury claim?

A. If you are unsure whether you have suffered an injury that would create a viable personal injury claim, contact an injury attorney for a consultation. Based on your injuries and how they occurred, the injury lawyer would be able to predict your likelihood of success in a claim.

Q. Is there a set time frame in which I must file a personal injury claim in San Marcos?

A. Your local laws will determine how much time you have to file a personal injury claim. It may depend upon when the accident occurred and when you realized you suffered an injury. Although filing a claim quickly after an accident makes it easier to present fresh evidence of what occurred, a personal injury attorney could help determine whether there are any exceptions to the statute of limitations and whether you can still pursue a claim for damages.