How Can A San Antonio Dog Bite Attorney Help You?

Dog bite injuries are one of the most common types of personal injury claims. Many dog bite victims are unaware that they may be entitled to compensation. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries resulting from a dog bite, you may qualify for financial compensation for your damages.

Dog bite injuries often require extensive care and medical attention. If you have been involved in such an accident, contact a San Antonio Personal Injury lawyer to seek monetary compensation. These professionals will also help you to file a dog bite claim and negotiate with the insurance companies for the settlement amount.

Dog Bite Injury Liability In San Antonio

San Antonio Dog Bite AttorneyThe damages awarded for the dog attack may differ according to the severity of the injuries sustained by the victim. However, in most cases the dog owner is held liable for the injury for being reckless or negligent. Any person in possession of the dog may also be liable. If you have suffered a dog bite injury, you may file a personal injury claim against the dog owner.

In San Antonio, Texas, there are two types of liability for dog bite injuries depending on the circumstances: strict liability and negligence. A dog owner is strictly liable when they are held responsible for their dog’s attack. 

Even if the owner took all necessary precautions to avoid an injury, if the dog’s owner knew that the dog had dangerous propensities compared to other dogs they may be held strictly liable. Connect with a San Antonio Dog Bite Attorney who will do a thorough evaluation of your case. 

Under personal injury law, negligence is a failure to act with reasonable care. For instance, some owners may exhibit negligence when they fail to use a leash or keep a dog fenced, allowing the dogs to go wild and injure others.

Texas One Bite Rule

Texas is a state that follows the one bite rule. This means that the dog owner will be held liable for the injuries and damages that have been caused by the dangerous dog. However, one exception to this rule is that if the animal has never bitten anyone prior—then it will be the injured victim who has to prove that the animal was dangerous.

Compensation That You May Be Entitled For Dog Bite Injuries

Sound legal advice can help you receive full compensation for your injuries, including emotional distress. While searching for an expert about a dog bite injury, it is important to consider their direct experience with similar injury claims.

Keep in mind that Texas. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code section 16.003 specifies that the personal injury lawsuit must be filed within 2 years from the date when the injuries were caused. 

After suffering an injury, you may be legally entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills: A common expense included within compensatory damages is medical bills, including your medications, treatments, and surgical procedures. A dog bite victim with a pre-existing condition may also receive compensation if the injuries sustained from the dog bite aggravate the pre-existing condition.
  • Lost income: In some cases, your injuries may make it difficult or impossible for you to work. You may be entitled to reimbursement for earnings you have lost and earnings you are likely to lose during your recovery.
  • Pain and suffering: A dog bite can cause physical pain as well as emotional and mental trauma. In some instances, dog bite victims may be entitled to compensation for all pain and suffering that the injury caused.
  • Multiple damages: If a dog has been declared dangerous, the owner may have to pay double or triple the amount of damages. For example, some dogs may have already attacked a person in the past. Even if the prior attack was minor, the dog owner could be held liable.
  • Punitive damages: An owner’s reckless behavior or conduct can lead to the award of punitive damages. These are designed to punish the owner for failure to take care when the owner was aware of the danger the dog posed to others. They also serve as a deterrent to similar behavior in the future.

The amount of compensation awarded is based on the facts of the individual case. A legal professional can help you determine the best course of action in your unique matter.

Connect A Lawyer At Khattar Law, PC

If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite injury, it is important to consult with a law firm who has extensive experience in dog bite cases. It is advisable to work with a firm, like Khattar Law, PC that has extensive experience. 

Hiring a San Antonio Dog bite lawyer can be a daunting process. Be sure to ask the necessary questions and evaluate their experience, reviews, and communication skills. If you were bitten by someone else’s dog and want to seek damages, schedule a free case evaluation at Khattar Law, PC today to learn more.