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A Drunk Driving Lawyer San Antonio Trusts

Sadly, it happens every day. A person has too much to drink, and gets behind the wheel; the individual makes a mistake. They’re distracted. It is risky. They’re making questionable decisions. Sometimes, all it takes is the blink of an eye. One wrong move or turn, and an accident occurs.

Drunk drivers are not only a risk to others, they are a risk to themselves.

If you or someone you know was injured in a drunk driving accident, it is time to act. Your injuries may get worse. You may lose work wages. You may have piling medical bills and treatment costs. You may even require lifelong accommodations to your home.

Simply put, drunk driving accidents can be serious.

If you have suffered from an accident, you may have a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims are claims that hold another party responsible for your injuries. If successful, these claims can win you ‘damages.’ So-called damages are a form of monetary compensation.

You can receive damages for all types of reasons. Some cover lost work wages. Others cover medical and hospital bills. Some even address your pain and suffering. With the help of a good San Antonio lawyer, you can receive the damages you deserve.

The Drunk Driving attorney San Antonio Needs

If you need a good personal injury attorney, you should first know several things. Injuries from drunk driving accidents are not treated like other personal injuries. Given that Texas has one of the highest rates of drunk driving accidents, the state takes these accidents very seriously.

In Texas, proof of liability in a DWI case is called “negligence per se.” This means that injured parties do not need to prove all the normal elements of a negligence case. Instead, the injured party only needs to show that the drunk driver caused injury. The injured party does not need to show that the drunk driver had a duty to be responsible or that the driver breached that duty.

Texas Drunk Driving Liability

Also, victims of drunk drivers can receive a unique type of damages called punitive damages. These unique damages do not compensate the injured party. Instead, punitive damages punish the drunk driver.

These damages are not typical in many other personal injury cases. To pursue such damages, you should consult the Drunk Driving law firm San Antonio trusts.

Texas even allows bars and restaurants to be held liable for your injuries. This is called the Dram Shop Act.

An employee at a bar or restaurant can be liable in two ways. If the employee sold alcohol to a minor, the employee may be liable. Also, if the employee sold alcohol to a person “obviously intoxicated,” the employee may be liable.

Overall, Texas laws can become very complicated. There are numerous cases where arguments can be made and injuries disputed. You should not have to worry about the legalities. Contact a drunk driving lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio today.