Let Reputed Construction Accident Lawyer Handle Your Case

Construction work can be hazardous. This type of job poses risks for all kinds of people, workers and non-workers alike. If you have been injured in a construction accident, you may be entitled to personal injury damages as well as workers’ compensation benefits.  Consult an attorney immediately if you have been hurt in a construction accident while working.

If you or someone in your family has suffered an accident at a construction site, contact Khattar Law, PC, and get a clear understanding of your legal options. Unlike most workplace accidents, many injured construction employees do not work for the owner of the property. Few plants and warehouses employ full-time construction workers.

In some cases, construction workers may not be employed by either the property owner or the general contractor assigned to the project. On big projects, there might be dozens of independent contractors working together on a single construction site.

If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence on a job site, you can sue that person or their company for damages related to your injuries.

Damages are usually monetary compensation to recover expenses that are a result of an injury caused by someone’s carelessness or recklessness. Damages may be, and often are, over and above what you might be eligible to collect through workers’ compensation.  This is why it’s always a good idea to consult a personal injury lawyer if you have been the victim of a construction accident.

How Can A Construction Accident Attorney San Antonio Help You?

Construction Accident Lawyer San AntonioConstruction sites are full of building materials, heavy machinery, toxic chemicals and many other things that can cause serious illness or injury. Accidents can be fatal on a construction site. It is essential to exercise heightened caution while working in such hazardous environments. An employer and/or property owner has a duty to maintain proper safety precautions to protect workers or the public from being injured, especially on a construction site where hazards are known to exist.

A construction accident can occur even if everyone is being extra careful.  So it is even more egregious when someone is injured due to the carelessness of someone else, like failing to conduct routine maintenance on dangerous machinery or posting signs to warn of high powered electricity. In these cases, the victim can and should file a claim against the party or parties responsible.

The construction company may have to pay for losses incurred as a result of their worker’s accident. Losses for construction accidents often include medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and emotional suffering, and other related expenses.

To greatly improve your chances of success, it is essential to hire an attorney experienced in negotiating and litigating construction accident cases. They will help you to recover compensation for your injuries. The attorneys at Khattar Law, PC, are available now to fight for your rights.

Our experienced construction accident attorneys will aggressively advocate for you, and get you compensation for:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages due to inability to work because of the injury
  • Pain and suffering, including diminished quality of life
  • Emotional distress

What to do after a construction accident?

Every year, hundreds of people are involved in construction accidents but very few seek legal help. Knowing what steps to take to protect your rights and avoid future issues could make things easier.  Here are some steps we recommend taking following a construction accident:

1st Step- Be well-prepared

Construction sites are prone to accidents. Employees, contractors, sub-contractors, etc., must be well-informed, trained, and prepared to handle all kinds of hazardous situations. Employers have a duty to maintain appropriate safety precautions in a manner that reflects the size, scope, and type of project that is being undertaken.  An experienced attorney will understand the laws, rules, and other information necessary to protect workers and the public who may be injured.  Being prepared also means having an attorney who is ready to represent you.

2nd Step: Act Diligently

Call for emergency assistance by dialing 9-1-1 to get immediate medical attention. You should document the names of all parties present at the site of the accident, obtain statements from eye-witnesses, and capture photographic or video evidence of the accident site, including images of injuries, vehicle damage, and any other types of loss, injury, or damage.

3rd Step: Report times, and to the right authority

All employers are required to notify OSHA when an employee is killed on the job or suffers a work-related hospitalization, amputation, or loss of an eye. A fatality must be reported within 8 hours. An in-patient hospitalization, amputation, or eye loss must be reported within 24 hours.  You (or your representative) have the right to file a confidential safety and health complaint and request an OSHA inspection of your workplace if you believe there is a serious hazard or if you think your employer is not following OSHA standards. The complaint should be filed as soon as possible after noticing the hazard. An attorney can help with this, as well.

4th Step: Talk to an experienced construction accident attorney

It is always better to have an experienced attorney who has handled construction site accident cases in the past. At Khattar Law, PC, we have attorneys specializing in handling complex construction accident cases.

Hiring A San Antonio construction accident Lawyer

At Khattar Law, PC, our law firm has advised and represented construction accident victims since 1991. Our attorneys’ experience with negligence claims and severe injury is extensive. We will help you recover all damages you deserve.

We will always pursue full and fair compensation based on the facts and circumstances of your case.  To learn more about our ability to protect your interests in a construction accident case, contact us today. We handle clients in cases ranging from high-rise developments to public infrastructure projects. Contact us for a free consultation.