How an Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights

After facing an Austin motorcycle accident, a victim may have to deal with the challenges associated with recovering from severe injuries. The medical bills can continue to increase as a person recovers, and lost income may cause a victim to deplete their savings. In addition, understanding the complex paperwork and insurance policies with which one must contend after a crash can also add to an accident victim’s discomfort. 

This is why it can be essential to consult an experienced lawyer who has a firm grasp of the Austin motorcycle laws. A knowledgeable Austin motorcycle accident lawyer can handle the legal formalities on your behalf. This will help you to focus on your recovery rather than concentrating on legal matters. Your lawyer can work hard to demand appropriate compensation from the insurance companies and other parties who may have been at fault for the accident. 

However, insurance companies often work hard to avoid providing victims with the compensation they deserve after an accident. You can hire a knowledgeable lawyer to fight for your rights and work toward getting you a fair financial award. For any questions regarding motorcycle accidents and the relevant laws in Austin, you can seek assistance from an experienced Austin motorcycle accident lawyer.

Austin Motorcycle Accident LawyerA negligent motorist can, within a few seconds, shatter your dreams and destroy your financial security. The driver at fault for your accident could have caused injuries that will last for a lifetime and could have a significant impact on the quality of your life. A lawyer can fight to get you justice and the compensation that you deserve. An appropriate amount of compensation can help you get the treatments you need for your injuries to heal, as well as help you to get back to your normal life before the accident.

Shortly after your accident, the insurance companies will likely work diligently to limit the amount of compensation to which you would be entitled.

The adjuster often makes every effort to reduce the financial award to the bare minimum. The insurance representatives may even mold the facts and information to make it appear that you were responsible for the crash. The insurer’s primary goal at this point is to save money.

A skilled Austin motorcycle accident attorney can work vigorously to protect your rights and improve your chances of securing the maximum compensation that you deserve. A lawyer can assess your case, discuss the appropriate steps to take next, plan a strategy, and work accordingly in a way that can help you win the case. It is always recommended to consult a lawyer who has experience handling motorcycle crashes.

Motorcycle Laws in Austin, Texas

A person should always take into consideration that motorcycle laws greatly vary from state to state. However, a seasoned Austin personal injury lawyer should be aware of the laws that prevail in Texas and be able to answer all your questions regarding the particular motorcycle laws prevailing in Austin. Some of the motorcycle laws that every rider should follow are as follows:

  • In Austin, motorcycle passengers must be at least 5 years old.
  • Motorcyclists and passengers who are younger than 21, have not completed a motorcycle safety course, or whose motorcycle is not covered by the proper insurance are required to wear protective gear, such as helmets.
  • In Austin, there are no laws that specify requirements for a motorcycle’s handlebar height.

Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents in Austin

In motorcycle accidents, many victims face catastrophic injuries as a result of their physical vulnerability in a crash. The injuries that an individual can sustain in a motorcycle crash can range from mild abrasions to traumatic brain injuries that can cause a rider to become paralyzed, disabled, or comatose. Motorcycle crashes can often lead to death.

When a person is injured in a motorcycle crash as a result of someone else’s negligence, the victim may be entitled to financial reimbursement for the injuries that they sustained. Contact an injury lawyer to explore the legal options that may be available to you in your case. Some of the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer in accidents are as follows:

  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Head injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Back or spinal cord injuries

Motorcyclists can be more prone to serious injuries in an accident because they do not have the same type of protective metal shell that other automobiles have. Even with wearing a helmet, a motorcyclist can sustain severe injuries, including head injuries and brain injuries. Motorcyclists who suffer head injuries may experience brain swelling, which can result in long-lasting effects on their ability to function. 

Some riders also incur injuries to the neck and spinal cord, or even multiple levels of spinal cord injuries, which can result in partial or total paralysis.

How Can an Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help at Khattar Law?

Wearing a helmet can potentially reduce the severity of the injuries a rider incurs. However, a helmet cannot protect a motorcyclist from many types of spinal cord injuries. For a person who has suffered from permanent emotional or physical damages after a motorcycle crash, appropriate compensation can make all the difference. This financial relief can help the injured person manage the effects of their lost income and mounting medical bills.

A lawyer can help you build a strong case to prove that the other party was responsible for causing the accident. With your lawyer’s hard work, you can improve your chances of getting compensation for your past, present, and future medical treatments. 

The compensation also may include funds for rehabilitation or any physical therapy, pain, suffering, emotional stress, mental anguish, loss of earning potential, and much more. 

Winning your injury case may not bring you back to how you were before the accident, especially in case of permanent damage or disability, but the compensation can help you to deal with your finances and allow you to move on with your life.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, contact a lawyer immediately. At Khattar Law, PC, we can help you learn about your injuries and the legal process.