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Personal Injury law is also known as “Tort” law in the United States. This law allows an injured person to reach out to a civil court and get compensation. When you are harmed due to someone else’s intentional act or negligence, you can claim a personal injury lawsuit.

A variety of situations can allow a person to make a valid personal injury claim. However, one must remember that an injury does not always lead to legal liability. The personal injury system only allows compensation for those parties who can prove important connections between the injury and the other party or parties.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims

Again, there are many types of personal injury claims and cases. They differ based on the types of accidents, the injuries resulting, and the standards of proof required.

Let’s review the most common types of personal injury claims.

Medical Malpractice– One can file a medical malpractice claim when a doctor or some other health care professional provides treatment below the appropriate medical standard. You can sue the healthcare professional if he/she injures a patient during a procedure.

However, not all poor medical results are considered malpractice. You should talk to our attorneys before filing a medical malpractice case. We are familiar with the various standards that apply to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and the like.

Slip and Fall Case– Another type of personal injury case is a slip and fall claim. A tenant can raise such cases against the property owner or somebody who is renting the property. Property owners have a legal liability to keep their properties free of hazards. This ensures that people aren’t injured on the property

However, one must remember that a landowner’s legal duty varies depending on the type of situation and setting. State laws vary. Our Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas representative can help.

Defamation– There are many ways to defame a person. Defamation can result in the form of slander or libel. Slander is spoken whereas libel is written. Defamation is essentially a type of injury to a person’s reputation through untrue statements. The exact nature of the defamation case will vary depending on the plaintiff and defendant.

The platform where the statement was made also matters. If a comment resulted in actual harm or financial loss, it may be considered defamation.

This is usually the case for average people. In the case of celebrities or public figures, “actual malice” needs to be proven. To prove actual malice, the claim must show that the defamer knew, or didn’t care, that the statement was untrue.

If you are involved in a defamation related personal injury case, consult our San Antonio injury lawyer.

Car Accident Cases– The most common kind of personal injury case in the United States is a car accident case. The primary reason for a car accident is careless driving or failure to follow the rules of the road.

Usually, in the case of reckless driving, the driver can be held responsible for causing injuries to the other driver. However, the rules do differ from state to state. Sometimes, the owner of the vehicle may be held liable. Some states also require drivers to collect compensation from their insurers if it is not a “serious” injury.

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Assault, Battery, and Other Intentional Torts– These cases do not involve negligence or lack or reasonable care. Rather these claims refer to intentional acts that harm a person or persons.

These cases can also take on criminal aspects. You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court while also pursuing criminal charges.

In most of the previous claim types, you should consult a lawyer before filing. It is advised that you seek counsel that specializes in your particular accident, injury and case type. Do not hesitate to consult with multiple law firms, over the phone, by electronic communication, or in-person.

When Do You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

This is a common question. You should contact a personal injury attorney when facing an injury of any kind, such as from a road accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or other cause.

Again, automobile accidents are the most common type of personal injury. This is probably because there are so many drivers on the road, and many drivers choose to speed and perform other risky actions. Road accidents can include car crashes, bike wrecks, or any other different kind of vehicular collision. Don’t hesitate to discuss this concern with an attorney.

Even if you are confused about hiring a lawyer, at least book a consultation and discussion.

A reputed legal firm like The Law Offices of Jason Khattar will provide honest and professional advice.

Remember, personal injury lawyers are civil litigators. They are responsible for representing clients who got hurt psychologically or physically in an accident. Our law firm is especially helpful in serving the victims of negligence from any third person, authority, organization, or government entity.

We have handled a number of civil actions for receiving monetary and nonmonetary damages.  Before hiring a personal injury attorney, consider both the severity of your injury and the party at-fault for the injury.

Not every injury case is successful when taken to court. If you are facing minimal damage that requires minimal recovery, the court may not consider your case. Also, if you have sufficient time and resources to deal with insurance providers, the likelihood of settling the case on your own is greater.

However, if you are facing an injury that needs long-term treatment and the pain continues to last, then you should file a personal injury lawsuit.

If your injury requires hospitalization, physical therapy, surgery, or similar medical care, then consult with a personal injury attorney.

When personal injury includes past and future estimated medical expenses, the chance of winning the lawsuit increases. You may be able to obtain a variety of damages.

Also, consider the party at-fault for the accident and your injuries.

If your accident was a result of someone else’s negligence, or if you lost someone due to another party’s actions, file a personal injury lawsuit. It is essential to talk with a personal injury lawyer in these cases.

What Role Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Play?

Your personal injury lawyer San Antonio representative can be very helpful. An accident attorney is responsible for providing crucial counsel for your case. Hiring a personal injury attorney before filing the initial lawsuit may be the best decision. At Khattar Law, we will help you reduce stress, time and effort as best as we can.

Our personal injury lawyers will:

Explain your legal rights- Accidents can trouble any person, at any point in time. All states handle accident cases in different ways. Depending upon these factors, we will provide the best advice possible for your case and claim.

Help recover financial compensation- This amount is beneficial in making up for lost wages due to accidents. You can also use your damages to pay for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other factors.

Provide personalized advice- Our attorneys follow a different approach for each case. You will only get advice that is useful in your case, and if the facts are not in your favour, we will tell you honestly.

Interpreting jargon- We can take you through all of the paperwork in order to help you understand what you need to do and know. We will also prepare you for court questions, and other foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. This may allow you to maximize compensation.

Collect medical information- A personal injury attorney can connect with your medical provider, as needed. After all, you need to provide evidence to support your claims of medical costs and injuries. This step plays a crucial role in future settlement or judgment.

Complete a professional investigation- We can have our investigators thoroughly examine all documentation that supports your case. This includes documents related to the scene of an accident, such as witnesses’ details, statements, pictures, and/or videos. We can even help develop theories about how the incident occurred.

Assess your damages- Assessment of overall losses due to a personal injury is one of the most crucial steps. An efficient attorney estimates every possibility. Vehicle damage, loss of belongings, harassing calls from bill collectors—our experts will consider them all.

Again, we consider the many impacts of your personal injuries. There may be short-term problems. There may be long-term concerns. We will review your case extensively to ensure that we cover all possible damages that we can. This is how our attorneys aim for the maximum possible compensation for your loss.

We will assist with all end-to-end processes. If the insurance company of the victim wants to go to arbitration, we can assist with that as well. As your efficient personal attorney, we are ready to optimize your case as best we can. Although we cannot guarantee success, we do promise to work as dutifully as possible.

What Is The Best Way To Select A Personal Injury Law Firm?

A personal injury attorney is different than other attorneys. When you start the process of choosing a personal injury attorney in your area, be mindful.

A good lawyer has strong professional skills, relevant industry experience, and successful case representation. Before you hire an attorney, consult with multiple different lawyers and law firms.

An experienced and trusted lawyer will have:
  • Sufficient trial experience
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Detailed understanding of personal injury cases
  • In-depth knowledge of rules and regulations
  • Specific practice in your area of injury
  • Strong relationships in the industry, and
  • No disciplinary record

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