If you have been injured in an accident that occurred because of someone else’s negligence, you may qualify for compensation. The experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyers at Khattar Law, PC, have in-depth knowledge about personal injury claims and can help you seek compensation.

Khattar Law, PC has represented personal injury victims for more than 25 years, and we have achieved favorable outcomes for over 25,000 clients. Our lawyers can guide you on the appropriate legal steps to take if you or a loved one suffers an injury that results from another person’s negligent, wrongful, or reckless acts.

Personal injury law allows people who have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful acts to seek damages from the party responsible for the harm. Personal injury claims depend on every case’s unique facts, so not every injury gives rise to liability. To recover compensation for a personal injury claim, the victim must be able to prove essential connections between the injury and the party—or parties— responsible.

The experienced San Antonio personal injury attorneys at Khattar Law can evaluate the specific laws applicable to your personal injury claims and help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are classified based on the type of incident that caused the injury, the injuries that resulted from the incident, and the standards of proof required to establish a connection between the incident and the injury.

The most common personal injury claims include:

  • Medical malpractice: An individual can file a medical malpractice claim if there is evidence that a doctor or a healthcare professional has caused an injury by providing treatment that does not meet appropriate medical standards. A healthcare professional may be liable for injuries caused to a patient during a procedure either through an act or an omission. However, not all unfavorable medical results are considered malpractice. Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers are familiar with the various standards of care applicable to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and others in the field.
  • Slip-and-fall: Property owners owe a duty of care to the people who enter the premises they own, including maintaining the floor and other surfaces in a reasonably safe condition that is free of hazards. Victims of slip-and-fall injuries can raise issues of liability against proprietors for failure to uphold that duty based on individual circumstances and the laws of the jurisdiction where the injury occurred. Khattar Law’s experienced personal injury lawyers in San Antonio can help you seek fair compensation if you have been injured in a Texas slip-and-fall accident.
  • Defamation: Defamation is a false statement that harms a person’s reputation. Written defamation is called libel and spoken defamation is called slander. The nature of a defamation case depends on the parties who are involved and how the injurious statement was communicated. It is also important to determine what kinds of harm the defamatory statements caused. In the case of defamation against public figures, the injured individual must prove actual malice. This means that plaintiff must show that the defamer knew, or did not care, that the statement was untrue.
  • Car accidents: Car accident injuries are the most common personal injury claims in the United States, but liability rules vary depending on the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. Road accidents can include car crashes, bike wrecks, or any other vehicular collision. These accidents often result from careless driving or failure to adhere to the traffic rules. If reckless driving has caused an accident, the reckless driver can be held responsible for injuries the accident caused to others. Depending on the jurisdiction where the accident occurred, the vehicle’s owner or the driver’s employer may be held liable. Some states also require drivers to collect their insurers’ compensation if the resulting injury is not “serious.”
  • Assault, battery, and other intentional acts: These injuries do not involve negligence or lack of reasonable care. Instead, these claims involve intentional acts that an individual commits to harm another person. Depending on the nature of the specific case, criminal liability may also come into play. Victims of assault, battery, and other intentional acts may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court while also pursuing criminal charges.

How a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you have suffered a personal injury of any kind, the experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyers at Khattar Law, PC, can determine whether liability may exist in your particular situation and help you recover damages for lost wages, medical bills, and/or pain and suffering. We have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients against the parties at fault, be it an organization, a business, or a government entity.
If your accident resulted from someone else’s negligence, it is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer to protect your interests.

A San Antonio personal injury attorney can provide crucial legal counsel for your case, and it is important to hire a personal injury attorney before you file an initial lawsuit. At Khattar Law, PC, we can help you reduce stress, time, and effort to the best of our ability.

Our personal injury lawyers can:

  • Explain your legal rights: All states handle personal injury cases differently depending on the applicable laws. Our lawyers will take the applicable laws into consideration, which will allow us to provide the best advice for your situation.
  • Help recover financial compensation: Seeking compensation following an injury can help you pay for your resulting medical treatments, pain and suffering, and/or lost wages.
  • Provide personalized advice: Our attorneys follow a unique approach for each case. At our law firm, our attorneys strive to be candid in all of communications with our clients.
  • Interpret jargon: We will explain the legal paperwork that must be completed relating to your personal injury claim, and we will prepare you for questions you may need to answer in court or depositions. Proper preparation can best position you to receive the maximum compensation for the injuries you have suffered.
  • Collect medical information: Our personal injury attorneys can consult with your medical providers to provide evidence to support your claims of medical costs and injuries. This step plays a crucial role in determining future settlements or court judgments.
  • Complete a professional investigation: Our investigators can carry out the necessary research and examine all documentation that supports your case. These include documents related to the scene of an accident, such as witnesses’ testimonies, statements, pictures, and videos.
  • Assess your damages: An attorney’s assessment of overall losses due to a personal injury is one of the most crucial steps to a claim for compensation. An efficient attorney will carry out the necessary estimates of your losses, including damages to any vehicles and/or loss of personal belongings.

A San Antonio personal injury lawyer can evaluate the comprehensive impact that your injuries have had and will continue to have in the future, both short-term and long-term. We will review your case extensively to ensure that we cover all possible damages, and we will help determine the appropriate steps to take.

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How to Select a Personal Injury Law Firm

With thousands of attorneys in San Antonio, it may be overwhelming to choose the right one. It is important to evaluate a law firm’s experience in handling personal injury cases before you decide. Khattar Law, PC, an experienced San Antonio personal injury law firm, can help you learn more.

An experienced and trusted lawyer will have:

  • Sufficient trial experience
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Detailed understanding of personal injury cases
  • In-depth knowledge of rules and regulations
  • Specific practice in your area of injury
  • Strong relationships in the industry
  • No disciplinary record

Khattar Law, PC, a leading San Antonio personal injury law firm, has the requisite experience to handle your most complex personal injury matter. Contact us at 210-923-1234 to schedule a free consultation.