Adult Disability Claims

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason Khattar are committed to helping people with the following:


  • Hurt in an accident
  • Injured at work or suddenly unable to support themselves due to any number of reasons — long-term illness, death in the family or the cumulative effects of several otherwise unremarkable health problems.

If you need advice about your legal options for SSI benefits, SSDI payments or even personal injury damages, contact an expert lawyer at our office in San Antonio.

Our comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law, supplemental security income eligibility and the Social Security disability insurance claims process allows us to serve as a one-stop resource for anyone whose accident injuries or medical condition makes it impossible to work at a full-time job.

In some cases, we can help you collect personal injury damages for injuries caused by another’s negligence, advise you about your workers’ compensation rights if the accident took place on the job and then file a claim for Social Security disability benefits if your injuries will prevent you from working for at least one year. Depending on your age and prior physical condition, it is not at all unusual for accident injuries to result in an extended period of disability.

In cases involving severe and permanent injuries, of course, the period of disability can last a lifetime. Our objective is to make sure that you get the greatest access to financial compensation and support from whatever source that the law allows in your situation.

As a general rule, the chances of establishing a right to SSI or SSDI benefits increase with the age of the applicant. The Social Security Administration (SSA) categorizes applicants by age, so that applicants over 50 years of age start to enjoy certain advantages in establishing a right to payment under the SSA’s guidelines. These advantages increase again at ages 55 and 60. Our familiarity with the vocational and medical standards for establishing a right to payment under either SSA benefits program can benefit adults of all ages.

We offer free consultations on SSI and SSDI benefits questions and only collect an attorney’s fee if we are successful in establishing your right to payment. Because our fees are paid as a percentage of your back benefits, you pay nothing out of pocket. Contact us HERE for our SSDI or SSI benefits lawyers in San Antonio for additional information.