An injury from an accident can range from a minor cut to a fatality.  If you were fortunate enough to survive an accident, but were seriously injured, do not lose hope because you may be eligible for disability benefits. Overall, there are many types of severe accidents that can cause a disability.

Can You Get Disability For An InjuryThese include truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dangerous slip and falls, and other serious events. Many of these accidents, sadly, pose extreme legal, financial and personal challenges to victims. The legal consequences stem from such accidents can be severe as well. If you are making a claim for damages as a result of injuries due to an accident, be prepared to face a number of obstacles.

Personal injury attorneys are here to help you. If your injury is serious and has caused you serious harm and that has left you jobless and unable to work or to perform daily activities like before, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits.

Here are a few of the instances of serious injury that can attract disability benefits.

  • Moderate or severe traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord trauma resulting in paralysis or other serious spinal injuries
  • Amputation of a leg, arm, hand, or foot
  • Severe burns caused by fire, explosion, electrocution or chemicals
  • Loss of hearing or eyesight Severe internal injuries to the spleen, liver, kidney, gall bladder or reproductive organs

In order to help you recover full compensation for your injuries, our law firm works closely with a number of parties. As you transition to your new life, we will work alongside family members, treating physicians, rehabilitators, and forensic experts to help you move forward. We will also ensure that all necessary documentation is gathered and submitted on your behalf as you progress into future treatment and assistance.

There tends to be little dispute as to the extent of physical or mental trauma to a person in many permanent injury cases. Often, however, there are serious disputes as to how much money will be necessary to compensate the victim fully and fairly. This is why our attorneys document every aspect of our client’s damages claim with clear and persuasive evidence.

If you hire our law firm, we will ensure that the defendant’s insurance company offers fair compensation for your losses. If not, we may even take your case before a trial jury. It is important that a jury fully understands the lifetime struggles that you have or may continue to endure.

With whom should you consult? An Injury Attorney or Disability Attorney?

If you have a severe accident that leaves you disabled, you must be wondering which type of attorney is the most suitable for your case. In such cases, it is better if you choose a law firm near you that specializes in both social security and personal injury cases. 

While you reach out to such law firms, try to find those that hire and retain both personal injury and social security matter experts for your case. In this way, you don’t have to shuffle between attorneys to get the best results. 

Law firms that are specialized in more than one area of law can assign the right best attorneys for a complex case involving one or more areas of law. This can substantially add value, depth, and magnitude to your claim. Similarly, an attorney specialized in personal injury and social security law, for instance, can add his or her experience and expertise in order to help increase the chances that your claim will prevail in court or will settle for no less than the compensation that you deserve.

When can you get a disability for injury?

A person can apply for disability benefits with the SSA for injuries that have left them disabled and unable to work. Disabilities can develop from injuries that result from accidents such as motor-vehicle collisions, a serious work-related injury, a slip and fall, and other scenarios. There are cases where a person does not develop a disability immediately, but does so over time.  

While not every disability application is approved, it is essential to consult with an experienced attorney to determine whether you qualify for disability benefits, to understand how you qualify, how to  gather the correct information and apply as well as present your case. Before a disability application is filed, an attorney can judge the legitimacy and strength of your claim for disability benefits. He or she can aid you by contributing their insights and expertise to strengthen your case. Thus, consider consulting a disability attorney if you believe that you may be entitled to disability benefits as a result of a serious injury.