Wrongful Death

When Someone Dies in an Accident

Manufacturers, employers, doctors, property owners, and motor vehicle drivers can be held financially liable for fatal accidents caused by them through gross negligence or a reckless indifference to the well-being of others. Establishing gross negligence does not necessarily require proof that a negligent party intentionally disregarded the safety or well-being others. Rather, what must be established is the foreseeability of injury or death in the face of certain risks, and a failure on the part of an employer, doctor, driver, or manufacturer to remove or minimize those risks.

Since our law firm was established in 1991, many families in the San Antonio area have entrusted us with the most serious responsibility that a trial lawyer can assume: representing their interests in a fatal accident case. We understand that the legal aspects of a wrongful death action can sometimes be secondary to the other needs that can arise in the aftermath of a sudden death. To learn about our ability to advance your legal interests in court, while serving as a resource for addressing your family’s other needs, contact the Law Offices of Jason Khattar today.

Our experience with the proof of liability in fatal accident cases can help you establish your right to wrongful death damages in such situations as:


  • Car accidents
  • Semi truck and commercial vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Injuries caused by dangerous property conditions
  • Workplace accidents
  • Construction site accidents

Wrongful Death Claims in Court – Establishing Damages


Once liability is established, it is also essential to prove to the satisfaction of a defendant’s insurer, a court or jury just what your loved one’s death means to you in terms of lost income, lost support, loss of guidance and nurturance and lost companionship, as well as medical and funeral expenses. In some cases, where the victim was likely to have suffered prior to death, you may also be compensated for the victim’s conscious pain and suffering.

In addition to these purely legal considerations in a Texas wrongful death case, we also help our clients get through the ordeal of a sudden loss and the demands of complex litigation. We can assist with opening the probate estate, filing life insurance or survivor’s claims and communicating with creditors to explain your family’s situation. We can also help you get the advice or counseling you or your children need in dealing with the anger, grief or other emotional stresses your family might experience in the aftermath of a fatal accident.

Our attorneys understand that a wrongful death case involves a lot more than a demand for financial compensation, and we’re ready to assist in any way we can. To learn how your family can benefit from the advice and support of experienced trial lawyers, Contact us HERE for a free consultation at the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio.