Slip and Fall Public Property Claims & Lawsuits

As the name suggests, slip and fall personal injury cases involve injuries where a person slips, trips, and falls on public, private, or government property. The victim of a slip and fall accident may have a valid claim for compensation when the fall is caused by someone else’s negligence or ill intentions.

Accidents regularly occur on both private, public and government property. When dangerous conditions on government land or municipal buildings cause your injuries, the mere fact that the government owns the property may complicate your case.

Proof of Slip and Fall Claims on Public Property in Texas

Slip and Fall Public Property LawyerProving fault in slip and fall accidents and injuries may be complicated. Unlike car accidents where the person at fault and level of fault can be easily determined, it may be more difficult to prove who was at fault in a slip and fall accident. Intent, negligence, the level of fault and damages are all challenging to identify and measure in a slip and fall accident. In addition, demonstrating causation and calculating compensation in a slip and fall incident can be quite time-consuming and physically demanding for a person who was seriously injured. Seasoned lawyers who truly understand the strategies and specific facts can help to strengthen your case in court. Therefore, consulting a personal injury lawyer is highly advisable. So, don’t delay, call an attorney today.

The situation after a slip and fall accident can become even more complicated if the incident takes place on public or government property. Environmental conditions, especially on public roads can make accidents more prone to occuring or make them worse.  Bad weather, for instance, can be a case of slip and fall. A person may slip and fall on any ice-covered sidewalk, crosswalk, public parking lot or entrance or exit of a public building. Here are a few examples of where a slip and fall could occur on public and government property:

  • Public schools
  • Community recreation and cultural art centers
  • Public squares, parks and beaches
  • State or federal office buildings
  • Highway construction zones or public infrastructure projects
  • Municipal swimming pools
  • State college or university buildings
  • Military installations 

Whether your slip and fall injury was caused by a defect in the road, city sidewalk, a lack of supervision at a municipal pool, or negligent maintenance at a military base, an experienced attorney can advise and represent you in court.

Should you meet an attorney even if the injuries are not serious?

Slip and fall cases may or may not always be serious. Regardless of the severity of the accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible after you have had a fall, especially if you are injured as a result. You might be unable to detect or self-diagnose an internal injury even if you are a medical professional. Also, you may begin to feel the effect of the injury much later.  Therefore, the first step you should take after an accident is to seek medical attention. 

Most slip and fall victims do not consult lawyers because they assume that their injury is not substantial enough to make it to court. Before making any assumptions, it is essential to consult a slip and fall attorney to understand your case’s worth. An experienced attorney will help you understand how you should proceed with the case and evaluate how much your claim may be worth. 

Should you choose a private attorney or law firm?

While you can choose to visit and hire one attorney or sole practitioner according to what you can find on your own, consulting a reputable law firm is a better option. A law firm hires seasoned attorneys with specific expertise and can offer more resources. They assign cases to each attorney according to their particular area of interest. Therefore, you will get the best attorney assigned to your case for a consultation.

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