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Financial Compensation

At the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio, our attorneys help people recover the financial compensation they need to help them through a period of disability or a death in the family, or after a serious accident.


Our Expertise

We do so in a way that keeps you fully informed, addresses your specific needs and those of your family and supports you throughout the difficulties that your situation presents.


Free Consultation

For a free consultation about our ability to represent your interests effectively in any personal injury or Social Security disability case, contact our office in San Antonio’s Monte Vista Historical District.


We specialize in the following areas of law:


Car Accident

At the Law Offices of Jason Khattar, our attorneys provide dependable and committed representation in auto accident cases of all kinds.


Adult Disability Claims

If you need advice about your legal options for SSI benefits, SSDI payments or even personal injury damages, contact an expert lawyer.


Child Disability Claims

Children are precious. They are our future. They are a representation of our hopes and dreams. More than anything, children are a part of us.


Slip And Fall Accident

If you need legal advice about your alternatives in a slip and fall injury case, contact a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer.


Construction Accidents

The very nature of construction work promotes the likelihood that a work injury victim might have the right to sue for personal injury.


Uninsured / Underinsured Claims

If you have more than the most basic form of insurance coverage, it’s more than likely you’re covered.


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Our attorneys specialize in specific areas of law, and are ready to fight for your rights.

Wesley Muniz

SSI Attorney

Alberto Rafols

SSI Attorney

Alma Ruiz

SSI Attorney

Valerie Lozano

We are committed to representing you in the areas of personal injury, auto accident and wrongful death. We have experience representing clients throughout Texas, and have a diverse set of skills and knowledge that we can call upon for your case. Our San Antonio attorneys and staff are compassionate, diligent and helpful.

What Our Clients Say

We have thousands of satisfied customers. Please, read what they think about our services.

I want to compliment one of your excellent employees, Ms. Monica Munoz. Ms. Munoz has not only the skill and knowledge of social security law, but she also had an exceptionally supportive, honest, and thorough effect on me. I thought it important to write this review on her professionalism. In addition to her own impeccable skills, Attorney Munoz has an office staff that is very thorough, reliable, and driven to help the client in every way possible. When the client calls with additional information for their case.


Alfred Pierce Palacio

I know for sure since I have been living in San Antonio and I have hire many attorneys during my stay here. Ed Goldner and his team have been the very best they all treat me well and are always concerned about myself and before I leave they always ask if their is anything else they can do for me plus they will set your appointment to where it is convenient for both of you to meet they are doing a great job and are good group of person's may everyone have a gracious year.
Thank you.


Juan Z


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    Law Office of ED Goldner

    Finding an Effective Legal Team to Help You With Injury and Disability Claims

    Accidents and other types of mishaps can happen to anyone and at any time. This is why everyone should know how to handle the types of accidents we are most likely to encounter. If we handle an accident’s aftermath or disability issues in the right way, we can potentially reduce the losses and damages that we suffer as a result. Seeking assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer soon after an accident can help you seek maximum compensation.

    Khattar Law, P.C., has helped thousands of claimants seek compensation for the losses they have suffered as a result of auto accidents and other personal injuries.

    Some of the situations for which you can file a personal injury claim include:

    When to Consult an Attorney

    ed goldner san antonio tx

    The sooner you consult a legal professional after an accident, the better. But before calling a lawyer, you should first contact the police and seek immediate medical help. After those are handled, it is time to discuss your concerns with an experienced attorney.

    They can investigate your case quickly and preserve evidence that clearly demonstrates the damages you suffered in the accident. In addition to our injury lawyers, our disability attorneys can help you with disability benefits in the accident causes a long-lasting inability to work. If you have been disabled for more than 12 months, we can help you apply for the monetary benefits you deserve.

    Our legal team has in-depth knowledge of tort law and disability law, which allows us to help our clients seek maximum compensation for their losses and damages. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns.

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    We have thousands of satisfied customers. Please, read what they think about our services.