The MCS-150 form is used to register for a U.S. Department of Transportation Icon United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number, as prescribed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety. Furthermore, this form requests specific information pertaining to the operation of the motor carrier.

Any motor carrier that has a DOT number needs to file an MCS-150 biennial update. This update must be completed every two years and includes information about the motor carrier’s operations, such as its type of service, size, fleet number and contact information. The biennial update also requires motor carriers to certify that they are in compliance with federal and state safety regulations.

A new MCS-150 form needs to be submitted if a company is adding new trucks, transforming the business name, or making any other fundamental changes to the company.

How To File An Mcs-150 Form?

The Motor Carrier Identification Report indicates that MCS-150 filing can conveniently be completed online or via email. If the form is filled out digitally, a USDOT number will become available within seven business days.

The second choice to submit your request is through a web form or email; however, please be aware that this process could take up to 4-6 weeks. For those of you who are applying for the first time, you can register with the Unified Registration System (URS).

What Will Happen If You Do Not Update Your MCS-150 Form?

If anyone fails to update their MCS-150, they will have to pay a fine of $1000 which cannot exceed $10,000. Furthermore, the DOT number may also be deactivated which can result in shutting down the company.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates interstate carriers to submit either the MCS-150 or MCS-150B if a safety permit is needed. This paperwork needs to be completed every two years, in accordance with their USDOT number’s last two digits.

It is imperative to note the last two digits of your USDOT number, as this will determine when you must submit the form. If the second-to-last digit on your USDOT registration is odd, then completion of that form should be done during an odd year; conversely, if it is even, you must fill out and submit it in an even year.

Moreover, the last digit of your DOT number will specify the month in which your number update needs to be filed.

USDOT number ends in File by the last day of
1 January
2 February
3 March
4 April
5 May
6 June
7 July 
8 August
9 September
0 October

Why Is It Important To Fill Out Accurate Information?

Inaccurate information can lead to costly delays or fines due to non-compliance. It is important to ensure that all the information in your MCS-150 or MCS-150B is accurate and up-to-date. If any changes occur, you must submit a new MCS 150 or MCS 150B as soon as possible to avoid any legal issues. Based on the regulations of FMCSA §390.19, it is essential to update the said form every two years for maximum protection.

What Is The Need For The Prism Federal Program In MCS-150 Forms?

The PRISM (Program for the International Registration of Motor Carriers) program is an effort to help ensure that motor carriers are compliant with United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulations.

According to the FMCSA, companies that are required to have a USDOT number and MCS-150 form must also register with the PRISM program. This helps to ensure that all relevant information is readily available and up-to-date in a central database. This allows for faster auditing and overall compliance monitoring.

The PRISM program also offers assistance to motor carriers who are registering or updating their MCS-150 forms with the FMCSA. They help companies to navigate the process and eliminate confusion caused by technical jargon and regulations.

A Truck Accident Lawyer will provide you with an understanding of how to update your MCS-150 form, in case it has expired or is about to expire.