The benefits that come from Social Security are an essential part of any retirement plan, however, the Social Security Administration provides more than just retirement. The retirement benefits of Social Security can help you pay for important necessities. 

One should be familiar with different aspects of the Social Security program, including retirement, supplemental security income, survivor’s benefits, and disability. 

Social Security helps retired people in America, disabled workers, wounded people at the war, and families who suffer the death of a parent or a spouse. 

Social Security Help
According to an estimate of the Social Security Administration, there are 178 million people who pay Social Security taxes while working and nearly 64 million people obtain Social Security Benefits on a monthly basis. 

Every year, the Social Security Administration sends a report of benefits and taxes paid. If you discover any mistake in the social security record, you must take steps to correct your file at once to ensure you receive the proper credit for your taxes. Doing so can save time and headaches when you retire. It is important to check Social Security once a year.

There Are Different Ways That Social Security Helps The American Public:

  • At the time of birth;
  • In verifying earnings;
  • In providing disability benefits;
  • In providing survivor benefits;
  • In providing retirement benefits;
  • In providing supplemental income under the SSI Program.

At the time of birth

The Social Security Administration can provide a social security number for a child at birth. Therefore, many parents file an application for a social security card for their newborn infant through the hospital. Having a social security number helps a youth apply for their first job and saves time down the road.

In verifying earnings

For tax purposes all employers and other individuals paying money on a job or a contract are required to request a social security number for any individual they hire. This enables the government to accurately collect taxes, and to credit earnings correctly for social security. Employers also gather Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) withholding for the government. This helps ensure the correct amount is collected and paid to the government. 

Every year, a worker can earn a maximum of 4 “credits” for purposes of social security eligibility. These “credits” are used to determine eligibility for both social security retirement income, and social security disability benefits. A person who works for ten years will accrue forty credits, which is the number needed to qualify for retirement benefits.

In Providing Disability Benefits

When people become disabled and unable to work in the local economy, or are severely injured while fighting in a war then they become eligible for disability benefits. There are strict eligibility requirements to qualify for social security disability benefits.

In Providing Survivor Benefits

It can be a difficult task to deal with the loss of a loved one. People find it challenging emotionally as well as financially. Therefore, there are social security survivor benefits for widows, widower, and children intended to support them financially. 

The benefit will vary based on the age of the worker when death happened. Children who are under 18 years who are unmarried can obtain benefits when a parent dies. These benefits can be continued until the child reaches 19 years of age, if the child is attending an elementary or secondary school.

In Providing Retirement Benefits

Before filing an online application form, or an application for retirement benefits with the Social Security Administration, a retiree should know about the terms of eligibility, and the different ways in which Social Security Retirement benefits can be collected. It is important to find out what to expect when you retire, and to select the most advantageous basis for your application. This will assist you in future planning, and help you obtain the best possible benefit.

You will begin to receive your retirement benefits at the age of 62. If you want full retirement benefits, then you wait until the full retirement age of 65 years. However, if you do not take full retirement benefits at age 65 then your eventual benefits will increase until you reach age 70. 

The application form includes some easy questions like age, address, name and Social Security number. Other questions will be related to the payments that you have made to the Social Security program already as well as your work history. 

According to the regulations, if you are married or divorced, you may be asked questions related to ex-spouses or a present spouse, as you may be able to qualify for benefits under a spouse’s work history instead of your own. Questions regarding a spouse’s work history may be asked as well. 

Once your eligibility for the Social Security benefits has been determined, you will be able to make use of the handy online calculator to estimate how much you can receive in retirement benefits.

In Providing Benefits Under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program

This program pays monthly benefits to people who have low incomes, and who are disabled, or blind. Those older than 65 years may sometimes qualify for benefits even if they do not have disabilities, if they meet certain guidelines. Children who are disabled or blind may also receive benefits under the SSI program.

Different Ways Of Approaching Social Security Office

Some people feel uncomfortable sending personal details through the internet. If you don’t wish to use online services, you can visit the nearest Social Security Office  or contact the office by phone. A clerk in the office will be happy to  assist you with questions or in making an estimate of benefits.

You can easily find the address of the local Social Security Office and easily file a request for an eligibility statement, for a social security card, for a replacement card, or for any benefit received through the program. 

In one vital particular, age doesn’t matter; what is essential is that you begin planning for retirement as soon as possible. Calculate what you need to meet the important financial goals. A plan that includes social security as well as other sources of income will be a good investment so that you can attain those goals.

Financial investment, trouble and planning can be overwhelming, but having a skilled professional by your side will support you immensely.

The Social Security Office will provide advice, will answer all questions, and can guide you toward making the right decisions. Careful will help you stay tension free at the time of your retirement.

However, you may also wish to seek outside advice. San Antono disability lawyers are qualified to help you with any claim or appeal. These lawyers have the legal expertise and knowledge of disability law that enables them to provide representation for claimants who want to apply for different benefit programs.