What Is A Slip And Fall Case Worth?

What is the average amount for a slip and fall injury claim? It’s a question you may be asking if you were badly injured after slipping and falling.

Ideally, a personal injury claim seeks to compensate the injured party to make them “whole” again. This means the amount of compensation you may be owed should reflect the value of your current and future losses. However, we understand no amount of money can bring back a loved one who died after slipping or falling.

The range of a slip and fall injury claim or settlement can stretch between a few thousand dollars to millions, with the latter being quite rare. That’s because each case is unique and the value is often determined by how severe your injury was and the costs.

Factors That Can Determine The Actual Worth In A Slip And Fall Accident

Several factors may determine the real worth of settlement for slip and fall cases. Among some of these examples include: 

Medical Expenses: Medical costs can be some of the most expensive out-of-pocket expenses you’ll have after a slip and fall injury. Falling and hitting your head or damaging your spinal cord may require you to undergo expensive surgeries and lifelong therapy. 

How much is slip and fall case worth In any personal injury case, you can seek to recover losses for past and future medical expenses that were a result of your injury. Contacting a San Antonio slip and fall attorney can also help with this process so you can focus on your recovery.

Lost Wages: An injury may sideline you from returning to work after your injury for a few weeks or possibly forever. In either of these scenarios, you may be entitled to income you missed out on while you were recovering. Additionally, you can also seek compensation if your injuries have caused you to miss out on future earnings. 

Disability and Required Accommodations: Injuries from slipping and falling may leave you temporarily or, unfortunately, permanently disabled. Compensation for modifying the accessibility of your home for a wheelchair or stability while bathing may also be included in your claim. 

These are just a few examples of tangible losses you may be eligible to recoup after an injury. However, there are several other damages you may be entitled to that tend to be more subjective. 

These are what are known as non-economic damages. Some common examples of these include: 

Pain and Suffering: Slip and fall accidents can take a serious toll on your emotional health. Beyond the financial burdens after an injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the psychological strain caused by chronic pain, depression, and other factors that impact your mental health. 

Loss of enjoyment in life: Some who experience a life-altering injury can be thrown into a deep depression. If your accident has affected your ability to enjoy hobbies or other personal activities, you may be able to receive additional compensation. 

Loss of Consortium: Loved ones can also be impacted by your injury and choose to file a separate claim. Loss of consortium is when a spouse of a personal injury victim files for damages when their partner’s injury has had permanent ramifications on their relationship, including the inability to help with raising children and domestic chores, lost sexual functions, and more.

Negotiating a Slip and Fall Settlement Outside of Court

You are probably aware that many lawsuits and legal cases reach an out-of-court settlement before heading to trial. In a slip and fall accident, companies or insurance companies may be willing to offer a cash settlement to avoid the expenses involved with a lengthy trial and the preparation involved with it. 

Before going to trial, a court may require you to meet with the other party in a formal mediation process. These meetings will allow both parties to have a conversation about resolving your claims and may even end with one party making an offer. 

While accepting an offer for a slip and fall claim may save you the financial costs, stress, and long wait of a trial, it’s generally best to fully review any offer you’re presented with. Having a lawyer review can help you through the negotiation process and come back with an acceptable counter offer.  

How Can A Lawyer Help Maximize My Claim?

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help get you full and fair compensation for your slip and fall accident. Along with helping in negotiating and revealing potential settlements, a lawyer may also advise you on reasons to bring your case to trial.

Additionally, a slip and fall lawyer may also be able to help with: 

  • Building a strong personal injury case 
  • Contact, meet, and negotiate with the other party 
  • Advise you on the best course of action to take 
  • Draft settlement agreements 
  • Draft and submit paperwork 
  • Ensure you receive payment for your judgment 

Contact Our Law Offices For Further Help 

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You may need all the help you can get. Often filing one of these claims means going up against the deep pockets of insurance companies and other industries.

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