The number of automobiles and other motor vehicles that share the roads is increasing every year. Vehicles nowadays are made with the latest technology that is designed to provide the utmost safety. From blind-spot detection to automatic emergency brakes, there are so many things designed to protect vehicle occupants and others  on the road. 

Be that as it may, some accidents and mishaps are caused by those who designed the automobile. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that a bigger, heavier vehicle provides better crash protection than a smaller, lighter one, assuming no other differences. The size of a vehicle is a crucial factor in determining the severity of accidents. 

Small vehicles have a higher propensity for severe collisions, greater than larger motor vehicles like SUVs. Many injuries result from severe accidents. Contact the lawyer that people trust to know the ins and outs of car crashes and related claims. It is best to consult an attorney as soon as possible, after you have received emergency medical attention for injuries caused by the accident.

Know the information before proceeding

Moreover, according to logistic regression analysis data, occupants in smaller sized vehicles face a greater chance of fatalities resulting from a serious accident. A two-phase research study was conducted to effectively decide the size of the vehicle that is said to be prone to accidents. Phase one of the discussion was to determine the size of the car, which is an important factor in determining safety and probability of fatality when in a collision of a particular size. 

Phase two focused on understanding and identifying the reason for fatality in the accident. The analysis was performed in four steps to configure the four parameters of a car that is front to left, front to the right, front to front, and front to rear. 

  • The data compilation by IIHS 

Before computing the data, you should know that the research was based on many accidental fatalities including various vehicles of varying models and proportions. You should also understand that the data analysis is based on a specific range of models. This report shows how smaller cars, SUVs, and trucks perform from the perspective of size. 

  • Car size that is conducive to accidents

As mentioned above, cars of comparatively smaller size have a much higher death rate. That is because they are prone to accidents.  There are, however, a few other factors, too. Speed is another thing that results in a greater probability of death in a car accident. Basic high school science can demonstrate that when a car with a comparatively larger mass exceeds the speed limit, the velocity of the vehicle might cause it to lose control of steering and result in a serious collision. 

  • Car size matters in an accident 

There is no doubt that larger cars are safer than smaller cars, largely because they have much greater momentum in a collision. It would, however, be somewhat dubious to blame only the size of the vehicle for causing an accident. There are many things that cause accidents, such as driver experience or vehicle maintenance. 

How Car Size Can Help Prevent Mishaps

Around 1950, Cadillac’s  brand was advertised as a large, comfortable, luxurious car; however, manufacturers had not yet discovered thow small vehicles could not withstand collisions with these massive vehicles. 

An undeniable fact is that manufacturers today are developing all new features that have the capacity to protect occupants from an accident. If you are wondering why many people switch to larger cars  and trucks, then the answer should be obvious now. It is because smaller cars are less safe. 

Well, we might not all need a larger car and traffic would probably be disrupted if only large cards used the roads. You can talk to a car accident lawyer to discuss what can be done in your situation. He can evaluate your case and explain the steps that need to be taken to win the claim.

  • At times safety is not the only factor. 

It does not necessarily need to be the car size that causes a car collision. It could be the fuel efficiency that must be considered. The high price of gas forces some people to choose small cars, which could lead to accidents. Small vehicles will always be conducive to accidents. 

  • The background of the research 

Over the past twenty years, the correlation between size and safety has been studied by numerous institutions, organizations, and car manufacturers, including the Department of Transportation and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. General Motors Research Laboratories have also tried to evaluate the reason for accidents in a small car.

  • Things to do when you have been in an accident 

In the unlikely event that you have fallen victim to a car accident, you know that the trauma begins when you are recovering. Besides bearing the pain, you can be placed in financial hardship due the inability to work and mounting medical bills. Therefore, hiring an experienced legal professional will be imperative. 

An attorney’s skilled understanding of personal injury law can help you to recover compensation for your losses. Moreover, a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer will add a certain gravitas to your case. Protect what is rightfully yours and contact a reputable personal injury attorney today.