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San Antonio Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you are unable to work due to an injury or a serious illness, you may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits.

The experienced San Antonio Social Security Disability Lawyers at Khattar Law, LLC, can evaluate your case and help you determine whether you may be eligible to receive disability benefits. We can additionally assess when it would be most beneficial for you to apply for benefits, as it is usually recommended to apply for benefits as soon as you become disabled. We have helped people with disabilities and their family members secure the benefits they deserve for more than 25 years.

At Khattar Law, our Social Security Disability Lawyers in San Antonio can guide you through the disability benefits process as seamlessly as possible.

Social Security Disability Benefit Requirements

Throughout your years of employment, workers pay into a program called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This system is important because it is used to compensate individuals who become disabled and are unable to work.The process of filing a Social Security disability claim can be lengthy and complicated. The team at Khattar Law, the Social Security Lawyers San Antonio trusts, can provide much-needed assistance.

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    To apply for disability benefits, you must file a claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Your application will go through a thorough review process. In many cases, first-time applicants are denied.

    Following a denial, you can always appeal the SSA’s decision. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist you with applying the first time or appealing rejected claims.

    Before you file for Social Security disability benefits on your own, it is important to speak with a lawyer to improve your chances of qualifying.

    We will guide you through the application process and help you complete your written application. We can also represent you and prepare you for hearings if your application requires it.

    We only collect fees after the SSA approves your application for Social Security disability benefits. By seeking legal guidance from an experienced legal team, you can improve your chances of qualifying for Social Security disability benefits as expediently as possible. Although hiring an attorney is not mandatory for the process, the Khattar Law team understands the complexities of the Social Security system, including common mistakes that applicants make and how to provide proper documentation.

    Our experienced team of San Antonio Social Security disability attorneys can assist and walk you through the process. Statistics show that applicants who retain counsel have the greatest chances of getting approved.

    The SSA office in San Antonio, Texas, uses a five-step evaluation process to determine whether you will qualify for Social Security disability benefits:

    • Whether you are unable to work and your earnings average more than the amount set out under the “substantial gainful activity”.
    • Whether your medical condition meets the criteria set forth within the listing of impairments.
    • Whether your medical condition is “severe.”
    • Whether you can do any other type of work.
    • Whether you can do the work you did before you became disabled

    There are two types of Social Security disability benefits: SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSDI applicants must have a history of employment and a history of paying Social Security taxes during that employment.

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    Securing the Disability Benefits You Deserve

    The SSA considers various factors when deciding whether to approve or reject a claim for Social Security disability benefits. When you apply for disability benefits, you may have to go through a lengthy process. If your disability does not fall under the list of medical conditions that the SSA considers to be disabilities, you may have to provide further proof of your condition.

    The SSA may require additional medical tests and reports to approve benefits for your disability. You may even need a vocational expert to assess your capacity to work. The SSA will consider factors including:

    • your ability to work
    • your chances of returning to work
    • whether you have any dependents
    • the severity and duration of your condition
    • your age brackets
    • your education history

    The most qualified San Antonio Social Security Disability attorneys are well-versed in helping you provide these details and understand the various rules and laws applicable to disability cases.

    Working With a San Antonio Social Security Disability Lawyer

    When you first meet with our attorneys, we will conduct a consultation. This is our chance to learn everything about you and your case. We can conduct this vital step either over the phone or in-person.

    Once we help you begin the application process, we can guide you through gathering and completing all the necessary paperwork, doing our best to predict any problems that may arise. If we think you should meet with other experts to ensure a robust application, we may advise that as well.


    If the SSA denies your application, we will help will all four levels of the appeals process. We can help with reconsideration, pre-hearings, hearings, and court representation.

    Speak with an experienced San Antonio Social Security disability lawyer to explore the options available to you. Contact Khattar Law at 210-923-1234 to schedule your free consultation regarding your eligibility for disability benefits.

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