SSDI/SSI Appeals Process

Expert Guidance through the SSDI/SSI Appeals Process

Most Social Security disability and supplemental security income applications are initially denied. The first step in the appeals process, known as the request for reconsideration, is also unsuccessful far more often than not. Your first legitimate chance to establish your claim for disability benefits usually takes place in the third stage of a Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI) benefits case — the disability hearing. For the first time, you’ll have the chance to put forth live testimony and detailed documentary evidence in support of your case.

Contact an experienced Social Security appeals attorney at the Law Offices of Jason Khattar for highly skilled representation before the administrative law judge who will decide your case. Our understanding of the eligibility criteria, the Social Security Administration disability listings and the most effective way of cross examining medical and vocational experts in support of your claim for disability can make the decisive difference in the outcome of your Social Security appeal.

Our lawyers will represent you at the hearing with the objective of demonstrating through your medical records and the circumstances of your daily living conditions the fact that you are unable to work — or in SSDI/SSI parlance, “engage in substantial gainful activity” — for at least 12 months, due to such medically identifiable causes as the following:


  • Neck or back problems, including degenerative disc disease
  • Neurological disorders
  • Psychiatric illness
  • Heart disease or other cardiovascular illness
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory problems
  • Medical conditions that are hard to diagnose, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or sympathetic reflex dystrophy

Our law firm handles Social Security disability appeals on a contingent fee basis. We only collect an attorney’s fee if we are successful in your case. Our fees are paid as a percentage of the back benefits you have coming to you, up to a certain amount as limited by law. The Social Security Administration has to approve any fee we charge and it is only applicable to past benefits. You pay us nothing out of pocket in an SSDI case.

In many cases, especially those involving claimants over 50 years of age, we are able to establish a right to disability on the basis of multiple physical and mental impairments, none of which by itself might be sufficient to establish your inability to work.

If we cannot win your case at the administrative hearing stage, we can always appeal it again to the Social Security Appeals Council and then to the U.S. District and Circuit Courts where our trial experience and skill with evidence can represent a powerful advantage in your favor.

Contact us HERE for a free consultation about our experience with Social Security disability appeals before administrative law judges or in federal court, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio.