How a Wrongful Termination Lawyer Can Fight for Your Employment Rights

It can be a difficult and time-consuming process to locate, pursue, and get an offer for your dream job. After securing a position, it should be an individual’s talent, time, and efforts that count toward their success. However, in the event that an employee is terminated wrongfully, then that person may deserve compensation and justice under that jurisdiction’s employment laws.

Hiring one of the knowledgeable wrongful termination lawyers in San Antonio who knows about the employment law and wrongful termination can prove to be of great help. In the most common situations, there are several illegal grounds on which employers terminate employees. Some of the times when wrongful termination claims may arise include:

  • Discrimination on the basis of age, sex, gender, race, color, national origin, creed, or any additional legally protected class in a jurisdiction
  • Retaliation for claims relating to wage discrimination, working hours, sexual harassment, qui tam, whistleblower allegations, and workers’ compensation
  • An employee’s refusal to commit an illegal act as a term of employment
  • Termination based on the employee’s disability or disease
  • The employer’s failure to follow any standardized termination process before the dismissal, including any terms to which the parties agreed within an employment contract

A skilled San Antonio wrongful termination lawyer can be there to successfully fight for employees who have been working in hostile work environments. In addition to this, a lawyer can also help an employee who has been a victim of wrongful termination to pursue their claims and secure the financial award that the employee deserves. An experienced lawyer can identify your rights whether you are a private employee or a government employee.

Wrongful Termination Lawyer in San AntonioA San Antonio wrongful termination attorney knows the in and out about how to seek justice for employees who have been roped into their employer’s illegal actions, or those who are parties to negotiations or litigation involving the employer, in an effort to reach an outcome that can help the employee get compensation for their injuries and damages.

Therefore, if you believe that your employer may have terminated you illegally, you do not have to face this difficult situation alone. Seek help from a seasoned lawyer who can review your case and your employment contract. A knowledgeable lawyer should know the state and federal employment laws that apply to your situation and should be committed to representing your case vigorously in court.

How to Draft an Agreement for Employment at Will

When an individual gets dismissed from employment, they are often shocked when they learn about the true reason for their wrongful termination. Therefore, it is vital to assess why an employee was wrongfully terminated, which starts by analyzing the legal concept governing wrongful termination that applies in many states, known as employment at will. Consider taking help from a savvy lawyer in San Antonio who knows the laws regarding wrongful termination.

Employment at will is a simple concept that allows employers to terminate employees for any reason other than one that is prohibited by law. This means that an employer in San Antonio may have the right to terminate an employee at will, without the organization even needing a valid reason to move forward with the dismissal.

While an employer can terminate an employee for a reason or for no reason at all, employees often expect to receive a strong reason for why they are being terminated. However, the employer may or may not provide any reason for the dismissal to an employee.

An employer does not need to give an employee any notice regarding termination and can terminate the employee with immediate notice, in many circumstances. Contact a lawyer to learn more about the termination process for an employee in San Antonio. A legal professional can also provide you with an understanding of all the nuances of employment law that may affect you.

In some cases, employees receive two weeks’ notice before they are terminated or they give two weeks’ notice before they resign. This is considered professional and the most appropriate thing to do. Employees are free to terminate the employment relationship at will, as well. There may be circumstances under which an employee should consider giving termination notice, especially if they have a good working relationship with their employer.

In employment at will, employees often have very little legal protection of their jobs, while they still enjoy the freedom to end their employment relationship at will. If the employer terminates an employee for a reason protected by federal or state law, it may constitute a case of wrongful termination.

The state and federal laws are created to safeguard employees from being discriminated against, demoted, or terminated due to protected characteristics or traits. The Civil Rights Act includes provisions that protect employees from being terminated based on their race, age, gender, disability, religion, and national origin.

Protections for Employees in San Antonio

In addition to Texas and federal laws that protect employees’ rights, there is also judicial precedent that protects employees from wrongful termination. For example, if an employee refuses to perform an illegal act at their employer’s behest and the employee is terminated because of this, the employee may be considered to have been wrongfully terminated. There is a complicated body of state and federal law that governs how employers may treat their employees, former employees, and job applicants.

When an employee engages in protected activity, employers cannot fire that employee on the basis of that action. Some of the most common protected activities include reporting harassment, filing complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), discrimination, or mistreatment on the basis of legally permissible medical leave. Various whistleblower statutes exist to safeguard the interest of employees who report any illegal or harmful acts that their employers commit, including violating safety laws or environmental regulations.

What Can an Employee Do After Wrongful Termination in San Antonio?

When an employer terminates an employee in a way that may constitute a wrongful termination, the employee should seek legal assistance. In some cases, a written contract will state the terms of the employment relationship and define specific reasons or causes for which an employee may be lawfully terminated.

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