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Not all injuries are created equally. In fact, personal injury is different – it is a legal concept. It refers to laws that govern certain types of injury. If you suffer a personal injury, you have been hurt for a reason that is not your fault. In other words, another party is at fault for your injury and the accident that caused it.

When a person or group is at-fault, that party has violated a duty to act responsibly.

Generally, personal injury cases take one of three forms.

Personal Injury Case Types

The first type of personal injury cases is called “intentional torts.” These cases show that the responsible party intended to cause harm or damage. These cases may include assault and battery, and sometimes, carry criminal charges.

The second type of personal injury case is called “strict liability.” This applies to highly dangerous situations that cause injury. These conditions and situations are considered inherently dangerous. In other words, injuries are more likely simply due to the nature of the situation. Examples may include a construction site or chemical plant.

Intent and negligence do not apply in strict liability.

The third type of personal injury case is the most common. Negligence cases require that one party is negligent. The idea of negligence relies on legal concepts. A negligent party fails to take reasonable precautions. These are precautions that any reasonable person would be expected to take in such a situation.

However, this standard varies. Every case is different. Some precautions are expected in one case and not in another. A driver has different expectations for safety than does a store owner. A dog owner has different expectations than does a doctor.

A top law firm can fully recognize these differences.

The Injury Law Firm Kerrville TX Deserves

If you are injured in Kerrville, you need a good law firm. It can often be hard to prove that the other party is at fault. Proving negligence is sometimes complicated. It must first be shown that the party had a duty to act reasonably. In professional settings, there is usually such a duty.

It must also be shown that the duty was not followed. This is called a “breach.”

When a breach happens, the responsible party has failed to take reasonable steps. This can lead to a hazard. Then, this hazard can lead to an accident. It must then be shown that the accident led to injuries. Sometimes, an injury does not occur as a direct result of an accident. It can get tricky.

Your Personal Injury Attorney Kerrville TX representative can help.

For instance, a person might get hurt in a car accident. He or she might claim a head injury. However, this needs to be proven. The person may be able to prove a leg injury but not a head injury. It all depends on the details of the case.

A good lawyer can bring in experts to evaluate the accident.

With the help of top lawyers, an injury victim may win a claim. When winning a claim, the individual receives compensation. This compensation can make a huge difference. If you have suffered, you need and deserve compensation. Such compensation can be pursued for a variety of reasons, called damages. An injured party can receive damages for pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical bills and more.

Don’t suffer any longer. Don’t let the legal system deprive you of the money you need and deserve. Consult the Law Offices of Jason Khattar today.