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It doesn’t matter if your injury is severe or minor, it may not be your fault. If you have been injured in Texas, you may need An Injury Law Firm Converse TX trusts. Don’t settle. If you have medical bills, trouble working, or any other issues, you should pursue compensation.

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In case you don’t know, personal injury law refers to those injuries which are not the fault of the victim. Many of these accidents and injuries result from another party’s lack of reasonable care. In other words, the other party may be liable for your injuries.

In most personal injury cases, the at-fault party is considered negligent. When a person is negligent, he or she is not acting as any normal person would be expected to act. As a result, this causes harm to another party.

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In order to establish that another party is at-fault, your attorney will help you prove multiple aspects of the case. These aspects include how the other party acted, as well as if those actions are linked to your injury.

Although negligence is the most common type of personal injury case, some cases involve intentional acts. Some cases even include strict liability, which is the responsibility attributed to naturally dangerous situations, circumstances or parties. These may include risky products and settings like construction sites or chemical plants.

But in most cases, proving negligence is key. A negligence case typically requires a ‘chain of causation.’  There are five elements to this case.

They include:

Breach of duty – Everybody has a duty to act reasonably and responsibly. A “breach” occurs when this duty is violated. For instance, a dog owner may let his or her dangerous dog off a leash, leading to an attack on an innocent person.

Accident – The accident in this case is the event that occurs that leads directly to injury. In other words, the dog attack is the accident.

Hazard – A breach of duty creates a hazard, or threatening circumstance or situation. For instance, letting the dog off the leash may expose bystanders to a possible attack.

Injury – The injury in a personal injury case can vary widely. In this case, the injury may be bad bite marks or excessive bleeding from the dog attack.

Damages – Damages are the particular monetary compensation forms that are pursued. Your attorney can help you pursue various damages. In the case of the dog attack, you may have medical bills. You may require stitches and medicine. You may also have emotional stress, and pain and suffering. You may even miss work wages due to recovery time.

In the end, winning personal injury cases is about proof. In most negligence cases, your attorney will have to link all of the five elements to show the chain of causation. In cases of intentional acts and strict liability, the circumstances are different.

The process can become very complicated and require extensive proof and documentation. This is why you should always consult with an experienced lawyer who understands. Contact Khattar Law, LLC, today for more information.