Seeking Legal Help From a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Antonio 

There are many reasons why some people believe that two-wheelers are the most convenient mode of transport today. Motorcycles are affordable, relatively simple to maintain, time-saving, and easy to learn how to operate. In many cases, drivers will choose motorcycles over cars for these reasons and others. Sometimes, motorcycles just perfectly fit an individuals unique desires and requirements for transportation, such as a way to satisfy their love of the outdoors or financial criteria. 

However, the dangers of riding a motorcycle are well-known, and they do not necessarily decrease even for the most experienced and focused riders. Based on reports from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 13 out every 100,000 cars are involved in a fatal crash every year. But the rate of motorcycle fatality rates climbs to about 72 out of every 100,000 motorcycles on the road.

While automobile accidents occur much more frequently because there are more of them on the road, the consequences of motorcycle accidents can be much more likely to be fatal.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer San Antonio

A San Antonio motorcycle accident attorney handles many personal injury claims every single year that result from both minor and serious two-wheeler crashes. The causes of these accidents vary, as do the circumstances under which they occur. If you plan to ride a motorcycle, there are some basic facts that you need to know before hitting the road. 

Lesser-Known Facts About Motor Vehicle Accidents That You Should Know

Motorcycle accidents can be complex, and the consequences of these types of accidents extend beyond just physical injuries. The losses that result from a motorcycle accident can be emotional, physical, or even financial. The more you know about the common causes behind the average motor vehicle accident, as well as the relevant regulations and laws, the more efficiently and effectively you can deal with one if it happens to you.

Below are some of the facts about what you need to know about getting into a motorcycle accident in San Antonio that can help you know what to do in that challenging situation.

  • Motorcycles are 27 times more deadly than vehicles with four wheels in terms of safety. This means that the fatality rate of motorcycle riders is 27 times greater than that of car drivers. This particular fact has already been mentioned above. But the roots of this fact have plenty of intricacies. Some of the specific reasons why motorcycles can be more deadly include their lack of safety protection for drivers and passengers, riding under the influence of alcohol or other substances, speeding, and even poor road conditions.
  • Based on a report from the Motorcycle Industry Council, less than half of the bikers who hit the road have completed proper motorcycle safety training. Most bikers get their lessons from friends and families, which sometimes results in a lack of crucial and finely tuned on-road skills and knowledge of specific traffic laws. 
  • Vehicle failure accounts for about 3% of cases of motorcycle accidents in San Antonio. Thus, most of them, by nature, are single-vehicle collisions in which the driver loses control because of a problem with the motorcycle, such as a punctured tire. 
  • Motorcycle accidents are often triggered when a rider lacks proper eye protection. When driving at high rates of speed on highways or in poor weather conditions, debris, flying insects, or dust particles may enter the driver’s eyes. Impaired vision delays the driver’s response time, and this can lead to an accident. This is one of the most common scenarios in which severe motor vehicle collisions happen. 
  • Operating under the influence is another leading cause for fatal motorcycle accidents. Riders under the influence demonstrate major crash avoidance issues, which can include under-braking or over-braking, an inability to counter-steer, or swerving. This cause of motor vehicle collisions and motorcycle accidents might not be surprising, but it certainly bears repeating. 
  • Just about one-quarter of motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle crashes. In some cases, the motorcyclist falls victim to a static object on the road, a pothole, or a crossing animal. Most of the cases involve motorcycle collisions with other passenger vehicles or other motor vehicles. These types of accidents involve more than one party and can be much more complicated when determining who can be held responsible for the resulting damages.

This is where the importance of retaining experienced legal counsel becomes apparent. It is essential to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer San Antonio trusts, regardless of the circumstances surrounding how the accident occurred.

Especially in cases with severely injured victims, reliable legal support can make a huge difference after a motorcycle accident, giving the victim and their family more control over an unpredictable and scary situation. There are several ways in which a reputable legal professional can help you navigate your case and arrive at a favorable outcome.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer San Antonio Trusts Can Simplify the Situation

Not every motorcycle accident provides the victims with a right to recover compensation. Working with legal counsel can help you understand where you stand after the accident and your rights with regard to claiming compensation from the party responsible for the accident. Your lawyer can thoroughly review your unique situation to help determine the viability of your claim. This is one of the most important steps when working with an experienced lawyer

  • Protecting your rights

Protecting your rights following a motorcycle accident in which you are involved is critical. Whether you will be eligible to receive compensation will likely depend on whether you can prove that another party was actually at fault for the accident and your relating damages. However, if you were at fault for the accident, even partially, the amount you may recover would likely be reduced based on the proportion of your responsibility. Additionally, insurance agencies might aggressively push you to admit that you were at fault for the accident, even if you were not, which can cause you to lose the opportunity to collect compensation. A legal practitioner can strategically guide you and ensure that your best interests are preserved. 

  • Gathering crucial evidence that will strengthen your case

Gathering all the necessary evidence can be daunting as you are still navigating the process of recovery. Often victims simply miss out on gathering proof of from the accident scene or contacting witnesses to the accident. Any missing link, however small, can delay your case or affect your claim adversely. Working with a professional who has experience handling cases relating to motor vehicle accident injuries can make things easier for you.  

  • Negotiating a fair settlement amount

Last but not least, the most important thing you can achieve through hiring professional legal support is the power over case presentation and negotiation. In the end, it all comes down to the final performance, for which you need an insightful and experienced mind to guide you through. Negotiating for compensation against another party or multiple parties demands crucial skills and acumen. Now, if you or anyone you know becomes involved in a similar situation, you will know exactly what to do.

How a San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

When you are looking for an experienced injury lawyer in San Antonio, you can get in touch with our team. With an unshakable reputation for vigorous client advocacy, our legal team can provide you with the peace of mind and compensation you deserve. 

We have more than 20 years of experience catering to accident victims’ unique needs and requests, and we make every effort to investigate and understand their exact situations.