Auto accidents are more common and dangerous than many people realize. Injuries resulting from accidents can vary from mild to fatal, depending on the circumstances of the accident, including the types of vehicles involved. A wide turn crash is one of the most common types of accidents involving trucks that often take place. These accidents are more common and risky for larger vehicles like tractor-trailers. 

Risks and Reasons for Wide Turn Crashes 

These accidents generally occur when a vehicle tries to pass another vehicle closely as it attempts to take a turn. Trucks, and tractor-trailers specifically, are commonly involved in these types of accidents due to their size and large turning radiuses. Trucks need additional space to make certain turns, especially when making a right turn.  

How To Avoid A Wide Turn Crash

When a truck driver needs to make a tight right turn, they will usually have to move over one lane to the left so they have enough space to turn right. As they make the turn, they may veer toward the left, sometimes into oncoming traffic. They will then finish the turn by entering back into the right lane. 

If the truck driver does not have enough space to make a right turn, the wheels can easily skid off track and crash with any obstacles. If other vehicles or pedestrians enter into the area, the truck could end up squeezing them as it completes the right turn.

Smaller vehicles can become wedged between the truck and the curb, causing serious damage and personal injury to the vehicles and drivers caught in between. These accidents often result in serious consequences. Not only could your car and other property be damaged, but they can also cause serious injuries. Accidents that occur in these scenarios are referred to as wide turn crashes.

Many wide turn crashes are caused by unsafe driving behavior. Drunk Drivingabrupt or careless turnsfailing to use a turn signalnot checking rear view mirrors before turning, and crossing lanes while there is oncoming traffic are just some of the reasons behind such accidents.

Ways to minimize the risk of wide turn accidents

The risk of an accident happening is always present. Still, there are certainly some ways in which you can reduce or minimize the probability of a wide turn vehicle accident. Some ways to manage risk are enumerated below.

  • Do not pass a vehicle from the right side –

The first and foremost tip to keep in mind is to not pass a vehicle from the right hand side, especially if it is trying to slow down to take a turn. As mentioned, the right side of a truck is where the probability of a blind spot is greatest. While a motorist is required to use a turn signal when trying to make a turn, it is not uncommon for drivers to fail to do so. Do not make the mistake of failing to use a turn signal or else there could be disastrous consequences. 

  • Avoid moving into the blind spot of another vehicle – 

Another important aspect to keep in mind is to not linger in the blind spot of another vehicle. It is imperative for you to know that blind spots can appear on all sides of a vehicle. The longer you drive in a blind spot, the greater the possibility of a crash. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a distance behind the trailer where you can still see the driver and passenger side rearview mirrors.

  • Do not pull forward at the curb –

When you stop at a light in the right hand lane, make sure you do not pull forward too much. This will prevent the other vehicle from completing its turn safely and place you both at risk. Just keep it slow and steady and pay attention to your surroundings.

  • Avoid driving in between 2 vehicles – 

Never try to fit in between the narrow gap of a curb and another vehicle while they are making a right turn. Doing so will place you in the blind spot of the other motorist and place you at greater risk of a collision. This is especially true if the other vehicle is bigger than yours. 

Some causes of wide turn accidents are directly related to driver behavior while on the road while others are indirectly related. For example, leaving late to an important event or destination is one of the most common causes of car accidents because people who are in a rush are often careless.

Being late often leads to rushed driving, changing lanes, lack of road awareness and other risky driving behaviors, including overtaking other vehicles, failing to stop at traffic signals or stop signs, or turning too fast at an intersection. 

Also, larger vehicles like trucks need to make sure that the intersection is clear before they turn. They need to pay closer attention to their actions on the road than other vehicles. So, if another car is speeding, it may be difficult for the truck driver to notice you approaching the lane.

Not only that, but speeding can also make it difficult to stop suddenly. So, maintaining awareness of the road and driving carefully is extremely important. 

Severe injuries caused by wide turn crashes

According to the NHTSA, more than 70% of injuries resulting from this particular type of accident are sustained by both vehicle drivers. Even if the vehicles were traveling at a reasonable speed, the consequences of these accidents can be devastating. Some of the most common injuries that are sustained in these kinds of accidents include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Scarring and burns
  • Internal bleeding

Because of the chances of long-term and debilitating injuries or death, a wide turn collision is extremely dangerous. Victims of these accidents often require significant treatment. In most cases, victims need to file a claim to deal with their long-term medical bills. 

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a motor vehicle accident, whether it was a wide turn collision or any other type of accident, discuss the details with a San Antonio Personal injury Lawyer. They will initiate a claim or file a lawsuit to get you the compensation you deserve and help you recover your losses.