San Marcos Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Proof of Liability and Damages in Drunk Driving Accidents

Fortunately, severe criminal penalties for DWIs have slowed the increase in drunk driving accidents in Texas. However, drunk driving incidents continue to be a serious problem. Throughout the country, drunk drivers still cause a disproportionate number of fatal and permanent injury accidents on the streets and highways. In Bexar County, this is a problem that some residents know too well.

If you or someone in your family was injured by a drunk driver, contact the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio today. We will offer a free consultation about your rights and legal options.

There are many ways we help you with drunk driving car accidents. Firstly, we understand the circumstances and situations that can arise. In many DWI and DUI cases, the drunk driver shows a number of signs of intoxication.

These include:

  • impaired judgment
  • slow reflexes and motor skills
  • blurry vision and reduced eyesight
  • slurred speech, and more

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