Some people might feel too exhausted to go to work, while others may feel weak and find it difficult to do their daily activities. If these symptoms are bothering you, then let’s tell you it might be that you are suffering from anemia. Anemia can last for long or for a short term, yet, the condition lasts for some time. Anemia can be categorized as mild or severe.  

If a person has been identified with anemia, then he or she can face problems in not only doing day-to-day activities, but also an unwillingness to go to work. For these kinds of people, gaining disability benefits will help them financially. You can apply for Social Security disability benefits for which you may need the help of an experienced lawyer. Contact a disability attorney to know more.

What is Anemia?

You may be thinking: how does anemia have an impact on the health of an individual? Let’s shed some light on anemia, what are the reasons behind this disability, and how it can affect the capability of an individual. If a person is having a deficiency of healthy red blood cells in his or her body and oxygen is not being transported in the tissues of the body, then this condition is known as anemia. 

In simple terms, anemia is a condition that prevails in the human body when there is a lack of oxygen owing to which a person feels tired and weak. There might be an array of reasons that a person might suffer from anemia. Some of the reasons why an individual suffers from anemia are as follows:

  • Inadequate red blood cells in the body
  • If the red blood cells are being destroyed in a human’s body
  • If, during some casualty, someone is facing an extreme loss of blood without being replaced

In all the conditions, a person is bound to be anemic. One of the most prevalent types of anemia that is found is owing to the deficiency of iron. This generally occurs when a person does not have iron because of which the hemoglobin level degrades. 

Disability For Anemia

The hemoglobin in the human body is responsible for the transportation of oxygen. Women who are pregnant usually suffer from this type of anemia or women who are having substantial menstrual bleeding as well as people who have cancer or even ulcers and individuals using heavy pain killers frequently causing stomach inflammation resulting in huge loss of blood. In all these situations, a person may turn anemia positive 

The other type of anemia which is found is due to vitamin deficiency. This occurs in humans who have a deficiency of B12 or folate which is responsible for producing healthy blood cells that transport oxygen in the body. People who have cancer, HIV, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or some other disease caused due to inflammation suffer from anemia.  

Some people might also suffer from aplastic anemia or anemia which is caused due to problems in the bone marrow. Disability for anemia can also occur in people because of their family history or intestinal disorders or autoimmune disorders.

Anemia can turn out to be severe if not properly treated, which is commonly called sickle cell anemia that might compel you to be in your bed for days. It might even require continuous treatment and can also drain you financially. 

Is Anemia a Disability?

If you are suffering from sickle cell anemia then you may be finding it hard to live. Sickle cell anemia is a kind of physical disability and people may face many complications such as blindness, stroke, issues with the nervous system, problems in joints, death of tissues present in the spleen or kidneys, and many more. Thus, it can be concluded that if anemia is harming an individual’s health and body then it may be considered to be a disability. 

If you have sickle cell anemia, then you can apply for Social Security disability benefits. It might also happen that initially your application is denied as it is estimated that the Social Security Administration rejects at least 70% of the applications. However, it is suggested that you hire an attorney who has done cases related to Social Security Disability who will help make sure that you will receive disability benefits and understand in what circumstances your application might get rejected.   

Can You Get Disability for Anemia?

Some people suffer from mild anemia when they can work without much difficulty as the problem can be treated and even cured. Those who get the proper treatment usually get well soon and begin their normal life. However, certain people suffer from severe anemia and are not able to work at all. It might also happen that their anemia is not curable. 

In such cases, there is a particular listing for chronic anemia in the blue book of Social Security Administration (SSA). The blue book is a book that is used to govern the eligibility of the disability benefits. In the year 2015, the SSA introduced a special listing that can be applied for adults suffering from blood disorders. If you are having severe and chronic anemia, then you come under this particular category. 

Although, there might be some more requirements such as fatigue, shortness of breath, pain, and other conditions that must be well stated. The claimant’s doctor must also document that what symptoms are causing constraints in one or more of the below-mentioned activities:

  • If a person can socialize or not
  • If a person can carry out his or her day-to-day work
  • The capability of a person to finish the tasks assigned within the deadline.

Along with this, there must be other documentation present, such as low hemoglobin evidence which will signify that there are physiological reasons when a person is experiencing such symptoms and why he or she is undergoing such a situation. 

If you want to gain disability benefits, then you must meet the listing along with the impairment that has led you to suffer from the anemia disability. A person can also apply for the residual functional capacity test. This test considers the limitations faced by an individual while comparing it with the past work done by the same person which will determine where he or she is lacking. If you are above 50 years of age, then it may be convenient for you to attain Social Security Disability Insurance i.e., SSDI over 50 can be easier to gain. You should contact an experienced attorney who can guide you and assist you in the correct direction.

How does A Disability Lawyer help with Disability Benefits for Anemia?

Our efficient squad of lawyers at Khattar Law can guide you in receiving the disability benefits that you surely deserve. Our experienced attorneys can assist you in how to apply for disability benefits, how to appeal a denial to attain the social security benefits, and how to get financial stability. You are free to consult one of our lawyers who would help you in facing difficult situations because of anemia.  

Hiring a lawyer who has proficiency in the Social Security system and also about your disability case will be approved by SSA or not which can greatly benefit you. A San Antonio Social Security Disability Attorney understands your concern and how your disability is preventing you from earning because of which you must qualify to receive the disability benefits. If you are not able to work because of severe anemia, then utilize the services of Khattar law and help yourself.