Car Accident Attorney Guadalupe County

Car Accidents: When You Should Hire A Lawyer

Car accidents happen. Some are simply minor fender-benders. The drivers exchange information and they go their separate ways. Then there are severe car accidents. These accidents can lead to lasting, terrible injuries. In some cases, drivers or passengers get killed. Life can change in an instant, following these types of automobile accidents.

So then what?

What if the injured party is unable to work? What if they are unable to perform basic, daily functions? In certain cases, the injuries sustained gradually get worse. Property damages can be huge. Families may be impacted by these serious problems.

This is when you should hire a top accident attorney.


Why You Need The Best Car Accident Lawyers

There are many reasons people hire legal help after an accident. Paperwork can become complex. Injuries and property damages may be bad.

A main reason people consult lawyers is because of personal injury.

Personal injury refers to a specific legal class of injuries. These injuries occur as a result of somebody else’s negligence. To prove this negligence, the victim must demonstrate a chain of causation. Establishing liability can be very time-consuming. It can also be confusing.

If you have endured a personal injury in Guadalupe County, you should focus on recovery. You should not be worrying about injury law. That is why you should consult a Car Accident Lawyer Guadalupe County can trust.

In the state of Texas, certain important rules apply.


Guadalupe County Car Accident Laws

Personal injury can be tricky. Texas is considered a “fault” state. This means that insurance companies find fault before providing coverage. In “no-fault” states, insurance companies give coverage to all involved, no matter who is at fault.

Texas also requires that all drivers maintain minimum insurance amounts. All drivers should be insured. In fact, drivers should be insured for the following:

  • To cover property damages
  • For each accident to cover bodily injury
  • For each person to cover bodily injury

If you are filing a personal injury claim, you have two years to file. Even if both drivers are partially responsible, you can still file a claim. The courts will decide who is responsible. The courts will also assign you a percentage. If you are largely responsible, your percentage will be high.

High percentages may prevent you from getting compensation.

So hire a top Car Accident Attorney Guadalupe County trusts.

At the end of the day, proving fault is rarely easy. It must be shown that the accused party had a responsibility. It must be shown that they broke that responsibility. This must lead to a hazard. Then it must be shown that this hazard led to an accident. Then it must be shown that the accident led to injury. Finally, it must be shown that the injury justifies the money pursued.

With the help of a good lawyer, all elements can be proven. So do not delay. Consult the personal injury experts at Khattar Law, LLC today. Get the money you deserve.