18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Your Legal Options in a Serious Truck Accident in Texas

While it can be hard enough to obtain a car accident settlement from an insurance company, truck accident claims can be even worse. First of all, the greater severity of injuries characteristic of an 18-wheeler accident means that the damages demand will likely be a significant sum.

Next, the use of complex lease arrangements or contractual relationships throughout the trucking industry means that several different defendants might be blaming one another for the crash. Finally, the presence of commercial liability insurance means that you’ll be expected to prove every detail of a claim worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Proving Negligence against Corporate Defendants and their Insurers

Semi truck traffic stands to become even more dangerous, due to many factors: increasing calls for deregulation from the industry, the influx of poorly maintained 18 wheelers from Mexico and Central America under NAFTA and competitive pressures on truckers to travel more miles in less time under conditions of fatigue. Our familiarity with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations can help spot safety violations that can establish the trucker’s liability for your accident. Additionally, our ability to make an accurate assessment of your damages and present them persuasively in settlement negotiations or in court can protect you from an unwise settlement of an inadequate amount. As well as representing the victims of 18 wheeler accidents, our attorneys also handle damages claims related to crashes involving other commercial vehicles: local service and maintenance trucks, airport limos and hospitality vans, construction vehicles, local or long-distance bus or motor coach collisions or any other crash involving a professionally operated vehicle.

Contact the Law Offices of Jason Khattar in San Antonio if you need help with your legal options following a serious truck accident in Texas. You can benefit from our experience with the complexities of high-stakes personal injury or wrongful death litigation against trucking companies, owner-operators, freight handlers and intercity bus lines.

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