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Legal Options in a Serious Truck Accident in Texas

If you got injured in a truck accident without being a fault, and facing severe circumstances, talk to an experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer at 210-923-1234 today. Khattar Law, LLC has experienced injury lawyers to help you with such claims. Book your first free consultation and discuss your concerns.

We know to file a strong claim, gather enough evidence and proof your innocence. Our 18 wheeler Accident Attorney San Antonio will also prove the other person’s fault so that you can receive the compensation for your loss and other damages.

While it’s hard enough to obtain a fair insurance settlement in a car accident, truck accident claims can even be more difficult. An accident with an 18-wheeler is bound to be more serious.

The greater severity of injuries typically requires a much higher compensation. Many insurance companies may be unwilling to settle for such amounts.

Next, one must consider the industry’s use of complex lease arrangements and contractual relationships. These often lead to several different defendants blaming each other. It can become a mess of finger-pointing and deflection.

Finally, commercial liability insurance makes it even harder. You might need to prove every detail of a claim worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Need less mentioning, getting full and fair compensation in a truck accident is not easy. You should consult an18wheeler accident law firm immediately.

Proving Negligence against Corporate Defendants and their Insurers

Semi-truck traffic is problematic for a variety of reasons. Firstly, there are increasing calls for deregulation. Secondly, there are issues with NAFTA, which has seen an influx of poorly maintained 18 wheelers from Mexico and Central America. Then there are mounting pressures on the drivers themselves. Truckers travel more miles in less time under conditions of fatigue.

Fortunately, experienced accident lawyers can help. At Khattar Law, LLC we are highly familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. It allows us to spot safety violations to establish truckers’ liabilities in accidents.

Additionally, we are skilled in making accurate accident assessments. We will evaluate all damages and persuasively argue for the full and fair settlement you deserve. Our negotiating and litigation skills can help you get the compensation you need. As well as representing victims of 18 wheeler accidents, our attorneys also handle damages claims related to other commercial vehicle crashes.

The 18 wheelers are not tiny little vehicles with little structures. These vehicles are big, and an accident caused by 18 wheelers may end up with deadly injuries. And, if you are lucky enough to be safe after the accident, seek medical help as soon as possible before it’s too late. These enormous trucks mostly run on highroads, where nearby hospitals or medical chambers might not be available.

In other accident cases looking for evidence could be the second priority, but in 18 wheeler accidents, the foremost priority should be- looking for help and medical attention. For the proof, try to get the truck number. In such critical times, capturing the truck number might be very difficult, however, it may come handy for your legal matters in the future.

After admission to the hospital, contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer San Antonio fast. He or she will assist you in legal areas for getting the claim settled for the medical treatments you need from a severe truck accident.

As truck or 18 wheeler accidents are very natural in San Antonio, there are several insurances and claims for civilians in the state. Your injury is the priority. But you will also receive recovery money for your car or property if the opposition party is at fault. The 18 wheeler crash attorney has all the information you need and professionals to help you out with your claim settlement and stand with you on legal grounds if needed.

We specialize in crashes concerning:

local service and maintenance trucks

airport limos and hospitality vans

construction vehicles

local or long-distance bus or motor coach collisions, and

any other crash involving a professionally operated vehicle

If you have suffered any of these accident types, don’t wait. Contact Khattar Law office in San Antonio immediately. If you need help with your legal options following a serious truck accident in Texas, you need us.

We have experience in high-stakes personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

We are no strangers to trucking companies, owner-operators, freight handlers, and intercity bus lines. We will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you need. Whether it’s a heavy equipment hauler, an 18 wheeler, or any other commercial vehicle accident, we can help. There are many things that a San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyer can explain to you.

Truck accidents are more dangerous and, the fatality rates are higher than other vehicles. On the roads and highways across the United States, hundreds of thousands of trucks and 18 wheelers ply daily. Truck and vehicle accidents have become very common due to this reason. An accident between 4 wheelers and big 18 wheelers mostly ends up with fatalities.

In this blog, we have detailed five mostly asked and crucial questions you may need to know the answers to, and scenarios where 18 wheeler injury lawyers might help you.

If you are not at fault, whom to hold accountable for the accident?

If the other driver has caused the accident, you need to find out whether the driver was working for an employer or company or whether he/she was an independent contractor. The second question is-was the driver employed at the company during the accident? The driver might be working for someone else but, if he/she was driving the 18 wheeler for his purpose when the accident happened, the employer might not take liability. So, without further ado, seek assistance from an 18 wheeler accident attorney San Antonio who can help you.

Talk to an experienced injury lawyer to seek compensation.

If you are a victim of a truck or 18 wheeler accident and looking for an experienced injury lawyers, Khattar Law, LLC. is here for you. We can provide you with a professional San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyer, who can help you to get your settlement.

Commonly Asked Questions About18 wheeler accident cases

How to select an attorney for an 18 wheeler accident?

A truck or 18 wheeler accident will always put you in a stressful situation where you might not know what to do and whom to contact. Always look for an experienced attorney who has gone through or settled many cases regarding car and truck accidents. The number of cases could decide how much experience he/she has. The more experienced, the more knowledge and capability an 18 wheeler crash attorney will have to handle your case.

What should you do if the opposite party offers you insurance?

Never take the insurance offered by the opposite party. Often the guilty parties try to cover up their mistake by feeding money to the victim through their insurance company. In such a way, they can get away with their deeds, and you will find difficulty to cover up your loss in the future.<br /> They can easily ghost you after the promise they made to withdraw your legal case. So always contact your own 18 wheeler accident lawyer to discuss your case in detail and chart a path.

How are 18 wheeler truck accidents are different from car accidents?

In an 18-wheeler truck accident, third party are also involved in most of the cases, i.e. the trucking company. While two parties are involved in a large number of passenger vehicle accidents. Hence, it becomes more important for an 18-wheeler truck accident victim to hire a legal professional to stand by their side.

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